Messing: hypocritical China must be feared

Soviet artist Wolf Messing, who became famous for easily reading the thoughts of the audience during his performances, is also known for his predictions. For example, he accurately predicted the start and end dates of World War II, Stalin’s death, and his own.

There are records left by Messing and predictions for the 20s of the XXI century. According to them, during this time period, the third world war may begin:

“The global conflict, which will develop into a major war, will begin with China. It will deliver a nuclear strike on Japan and Taiwan. Russia will come to the aid of these countries, becoming the main enemy of the Celestial Empire. The military confrontation will begin after 2021 and will go on for a long time,” – wrote a Soviet illusionist in the middle of the last century, who repeatedly said that “in the future” it was China that would become the main and most serious threat to Russia, although for a long time and successfully it would “hide aggression under the guise of a friend and partner.”

But our old adversary – the United States – by the middle of the century lose status world hegemon and gendarme: the country will be “torn apart” by internal conflicts, and its economy will fall into decay.

But before this happens, the sinking power will drag Europe to the bottom, which has “made itself dependent” on its overseas friend.

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