“Messi is maradoneando in this World Cup”: the interesting comparison of Jorge Valdano after the qualification of Argentina to the semifinals

For Valdano, Messi is Maradoneado in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Argentina tore its way into the World Cup Qatar 2022 with a heavy defeat Saudi Arabia for 2-1. From then on, the team knew how to overcome an adverse situation and raised the collective performance to the level of reaching the semifinals of the highest soccer competition. With a Lionel Messi as absolute leader, Jorge Valdano commented on the current status of the Albiceleste and made an unexpected comparison between The flea Y Diego Armando Maradona.

The world champion in Mexico 1986 made an analysis of the journey taken by those led by Lionel Scaloni. “Argentina learned a lot along the way. This group came already strengthened, but I think the defeat against Arabia did them good. He put himself to the test and was able to resolve tensions, especially in the first half against Mexico. From there it has become a very solid group and a very difficult team. Passionate, who knows how to play all the games that come his way”, he explained in a chat with TyC Sports.

And he added about Messi’s ability to break up matches: “He has a Leo who is presenting the essence of football, it’s fascinating to see Leo at the moment. Because he doesn’t have enough energy, he has to exploit every last drop of talent and In games where everything seems complicated, we know that sooner or later a loophole will appear. And we know who is going to discover the loophole. That is exciting to me. I see a difference with Mbappé who is all exuberance at the moment. That gives time to everything, to make mistakes and do frivolities. Not Leo, he has to scratch the pot until he finds her opportunity and the genius takes advantage of it ”.

For Valdano, Messi is playing a World Cup "Maradona" (Photo: Reuters)
For Valdano, Messi is playing a “Maradonean” World Cup (Photo: Reuters)

In addition, he delved into the personality change that Rosario presented from the 2021 Copa América onwards. “I think that whoever doesn’t love Leo, he doesn’t love football. It’s something I’ve been preaching for 20 years. What happens is that now Messi is the one who has reconciled with football. He is experiencing it in a congratulatory way, that he is appreciating what is happening to him. Now I think he is in a moment of personal exaltation, he is fully enjoying the fact that his children are watching him, the people who have finally embraced him, a group that respects him and loves him so much,” added Valdano.

To close, he left a comparison between Lionel and Diego for the attitude when it came to wearing the Argentina shirt. “He is more connected than ever with the group, the people and football itself. He is showing the character that he has always had. What happens is that he is now making it much more visible. It is something that he did not express as naturally as he does now. He is showing us the paddock player that has always been within him. But yes, he is maradoneando in this World Cup ”he concluded.

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