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The ruling coalition wanted to discuss the proposal to abolish the EET at an extraordinary meeting of the Chamber last week, but deputies did not get there due to obstruction by the opposition.

Electronic records of necessities were introduced in the previous election period with the aim of reducing taxpayers and leveling the business environment. However, due to the covid pandemic, the duty of the EET was suspended by Andrei Babie and by the end of this year. Petr Fiala’s government points to the unnecessary bureaucratic costs of the entrepreneur and the operating costs of the state.

I will also talk to the Minister about the darkness of maintaining electronic records, for example, as a voluntary, entrepreneurial company. Half of them register voluntarily, it is a unique digital project. We are responsible for the project, said before the meeting with the Minister of Finance Schillerov.

The costs of continuing EET in the voluntary regime are estimated at 80 and 100 million ron. It would be necessary to strike the running of data.

In the evening, the deputies are to set their own strategic priorities for a refugee wave from Ukraine due to the wolf unleashed by Russia. Regarding the material for migration from Ukraine, criticized the deputies of the opposition movement YES. They are bothered that it is only a very general text and that the day’s strategy is in fact not even a document that does not even contain deadlines for completing the round.

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