Menshova explained what happened to Galkin before his departure from Russia

TV presenter Julia Menshova tried to find an excuse Maxim Galkinwho left Russia after the start of a special operation in Ukraine.

director’s daughter Vladimir Menshov said that for some time she worked with Maxim Galkin.

Menshova suggested what made her husband Alla Pugacheva leave the country.

“Maxim published a black window on the social network, then concerts in Russia began to be canceled. I am aware of how the touring business works. Distributors were pressured to cancel Maxim’s concerts. Then the screws began to tighten,” the TV presenter expressed her opinion on her YouTube -channel.

Earlier, Maxim Galkin explained to subscribers that he was abroad against his will. The showman noted that in Russia he not allowed to workand he was not used to sitting idle.

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