Memoirs of Prince Harry Spare, the main and scandalous of the book

The infamous autobiography of Prince Harry "Spare" from January 10 became available in bookstores in Britain.

The scandalous autobiography of Prince Harry “Spare” from January 10 became available in British bookstores.

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Publishing house that published memoirs of a British prince harry, assured that he was protecting both the manuscript itself and already printed copies, more than the apple of his eye. But throughout the week leading up to the start of sales, entire chapters from the book were sent to the press, either intentionally, for advertising purposes, or through an oversight, each of which became a real sensation.

Harry spared no one, including himself, and took out so much rubbish from the royal chambers and nooks of his own memory that they would be more than enough for a whole collection of works.

“Spare” – the title of the book before its publication is most often translated as “spare”, meaning that it was not he who became the heir to the throne, but his elder brother William. Now, they are increasingly resorting to the definition of “extra”, hinting that Harry has no chance of reconciliation with his royal relatives. KP.RU collected the main revelations from the most discussed book of January.

1. Got into a fight with my brother

The conflict arose because of the unpleasant epithets that William allegedly gave to Harry’s wife, Megan Markle. He called it “an inconvenience to everyone”, “unpleasant” and “annoying”.

“William called her names again, and then he attacked me. Everything happened very quickly: he grabbed me by the collar, breaking the string with the pendant hanging around my neck, and threw me to the floor … I fell on my back on the dog bowl, which cracked, the fragments pierced my back.

The relationship between the brothers deteriorated so much that three years ago it came to assault.

The relationship between the brothers deteriorated so much that three years ago it came to assault.

A photo: REUTERS

Harry is hesitant, referring to William as “beloved brother” and “sworn enemy”, admitting that “oddly enough, there has always been a rivalry between us.”

2. Conflicted after the funeral

In 2021, after the funeral of his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, William and Harry almost got into a fight again. Back then prince Charlesthe father of the brothers, literally stood between them.

The father said: “Boys, please don’t poison my last years of life.”

3. Not ashamed of killing in war

During military servicewhich Harry passed as a helicopter pilot in 2012-2013 in Afghanistan he took part in six sorties. As the prince writes, live targets were hit, and in total he himself killed 25 Taliban fighters (the Taliban is banned in the Russian Federation).

Prince Harry while serving in Afghanistan, 2008

Prince Harry while serving in Afghanistan, 2008

A photo: EAST NEWS

“I’m not at all proud of this extra, but I don’t feel shame about it either. In the heat and confusion of the battle, I did not perceive these 25 people as people. They were pawns removed from the board, bad guys that got rid of before they could start killing good people, ”wrote the prince.

4. Took drugs

“I was offered to sniff cocaine when I was visiting friends at the age of 17,” Harry says with discouraging frankness. – “I used this drug several times, but I did not enjoy it … It was not very fun and did not give me a special feeling of happiness, as it happened with others. But I felt like a different person, and this was my main goal. I was a 17-year-old boy ready to try anything that would change the pre-established order.”

And once in 2016 in the United States, Harry did not find anything more amusing than trying hallucinogenic mushrooms. “I saw a human head growing in a trash can in the bathroom,” he described his visions after the “meal.”

Harry also admitted that he smoked marijuana while in college.

5. Turned to a fortune teller

Harry loved his mother Princess Diana and still mourns her death. At some point, he even turned to a woman who declared her magical gift, giving her the opportunity to make contact with the other world.

“Your mother says that you are living a life that she herself could not live. You live the life she wanted for you,” the sorceress told the inconsolable prince.

Princess Diana with children Harry and William.

Princess Diana with children Harry and William.


6. He asked his father not to marry after the death of his mother.

Both William and Harry did not want their father to remarry. They were ready for the then Prince Charles to simply cohabit with Camilla Parker Bowlesbut did not allow the thought that she, albeit formally, would become their stepmother.

“We begged my father not to marry Camille. And separately met with her for a conversation, but the wedding still took place.

In an interview that announced the release of the memoirs, Harry generally called Camilla a villain. In his opinion, it is she who is the source of information leaks from Buckingham Palace to the press. The queen consort does this, according to the prince, in order to win the favor of the media.

7. Did not forgive the dryness of his parent

When the father, the current British King Charles III, approached his youngest son to report that Princess Diana had died in a car accident, he did not even hug him at that moment. This insensitivity burned into Harry’s memory for the rest of his life.

“However, even under normal circumstances, the father never knew how to show his feelings,” he tries to justify the parent in his memoirs.

8. Tolerated jokes about being a illegitimate child

Harry spoke about popular theory: as if his biological father is not the heir to the throne, Charles Windsor, but Princess Diana’s lover, Major James Hewitt.

“Tabloid readers liked the idea that Prince Charles’ youngest son was not really his son at all. For some reason, this “joke” never bothered them,” Harry writes in his memoirs. Moreover, he frankly says that Charles knew about the gossip, and sometimes he himself made fun of the supposedly “step-native” son.

But James Hewitt, who taught Princess Diana to ride, could not be his father, since their acquaintance with Lady Dee took place after the birth of Prince Harry. At least that’s what the memoirs say.

9. Freeze your dignity

In pursuit of scandalous fame, the Duke of Sussex did not hesitate to even talk about his past intimate problems. So, in 2011, after a charity expedition to the North Pole, he returned home with frostbite on his cheeks, ears and … penis. “When I returned home, I was horrified to see that down there, everything was completely frozen. I told my father about the problems with my frostbitten face, but I was embarrassed to talk about personal belongings. And yet, then I had to go to the doctors, because the healing did not come in any way, ”says the memoirist of royal blood.

10. I learned about the death of my grandmother from the news

About grandma, queen Elizabeth II Harry doesn’t write anything bad. Nothing good, really, either. He confines himself to complaining that he learned about her death not from her family, but from news releases.

Prince Harry and his wife at his grandmother's funeral.

Prince Harry and his wife at his grandmother’s funeral.

A photo: REUTERS

“When the plane was landing, the screen of my smartphone lit up. A message came from Megan: “Call me as soon as you get this.” I opened the BBC website. My grandmother died. My father became king.”


$ 20 million – so much is the advance that the publishing house to the prince for his memoirs. It amounted to $20 million. It is possible that ex-actress Meghan Markle, who knows a lot about the calculations of Harry’s wife, insisted on writing in the contract not a fixed fee, but a solid advance plus interest on each copy of the book sold. Given the record volume of pre-orders for the memoirs, which were published in 14 languages ​​and in two formats – print and audio – the earnings of the “extra” prince could reach several hundred million dollars. The star couple has already announced that part of the proceeds will be spent on charitable purposes.


Journalists found the first woman of the prince

The prince lost his virginity at the age of 17, he writes in his memoirs. And it happened in a field, behind a pub. “She treated me like a young stallion, and at the end she even slapped me on the bottom,” writes the royal offspring. According to Harry, the first sexual experience was extremely humiliating for him.

He did not name the partner, indicating only a big difference in their age and a common interest in equestrian sports. First, the well-known British actress Elizabeth Hurley, who used to live on a farm next door to the Windsor family, fell under suspicion. But Hurley categorically denied this assumption. “Not guilty!” she wrote on social media.

In the end, the journalists figured out that, almost certainly, we are talking about a business woman, Suzanne Harvey (she is six years older than Harry). Susanna previously admitted that she kissed Harry, but there were no new revelations from her. Now she is a respectable mother and wife, the owner of an airport in one of the British cities. When asked by journalists about an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old representative of the royal dynasty, she chose not to answer anything.

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