Melitopol Irina Dyachenko: We need teachers, office workers and civil servants

As long as there is no suitable vacancy, the employment center will be able to find you a temporary job.  Photo: Melitopol Employment Center

As long as there is no suitable vacancy, the employment center will be able to find you a temporary job. Photo: Melitopol Employment Center

An employment center was opened in Melitopol and the first job fair was held. Details – in an interview with the head of the new center Irina Dyachenko.

– Irina Viktorovna, how was the opening of the employment center, did you prepare?

– Many were left without work, we understood that after the release we need to open an employment center as soon as possible. There were three of us, in a week they recruited 15 people to the state and immediately organized the opening. Now we have 30 specialists working for us.

– Why did you decide to organize a job fair and how popular was it?

– The Employment Center began to work on July 13. On the first day of the opening, 48 people came. A flurry of requests immediately flew among both applicants and employers. The fair was a must. As practice has shown, this is a very effective event – 620 people came in search of work. More than 300 offers with good wages and working conditions were presented at the fair, including vacancies presented by nine employers. For residents there is work not only in the city of Melitopol, but also in Priazovsky, Akimovsky, Energodar, Primorsk, Berdyansk. Fairs will be held on a regular basis.

Irina Dyachenko.

Irina Dyachenko.

– How many people were employed immediately and in total since the opening of the center?

– At the fair, we immediately formalized labor relations with three applicants. And since July 13, for a week, 16 people have been employed. It is in the center that many people come, although there is also a page with vacancies in social networks. The fact is that we had an unstable Internet, and many still have push-button phones. Therefore, on-site assistance is now most effective for citizens.

– What achievements does the employment center already have that you can note?

– We held meetings with the market-forming enterprises of Melitopol, and five employers agreed to conclude contracts for paid temporary public works for 42 jobs. This is an additional social support for citizens looking for work. That is, until we find a permanent place for a person, he can work up to six months in temporary public work, while the work is paid not by the enterprise, but by the employment center. We plan to systematically hold seminars for job seekers and employers.

– Are there specific examples who managed to help?

– I will single out one – we managed to help a disabled man. He has been granted temporary community service until there is a suitable vacancy. He will be able to work from the employment center for the time being. This is a great alternative when there is an opportunity to somehow earn money, and not sit at home without money, waiting.

– What professions are most in demand in Melitopol now?

– We need teachers and educators, now 50% of vacancies are related to educational activities. 40% of offers are office workers and public sector specialists. Employees are looking for representatives of local businesses, authorities, such as the traffic police. The resort and industrial sectors are also in demand.

– Is there, on the contrary, a shortage of necessary vacancies from employers?

– Yes, today there are not enough vacancies in the trade sector. There is a demand for positions of sellers, managers, sales agents, forwarding drivers. There is also a shortage of medical workers and unskilled vacancies – loaders, auxiliary workers, janitors, gardeners.


Opening hours of the employment center in Melitopol:

from 8.00 to 17.00 – Mon. – Thu.

from 8.00 to 15.45 – Friday

lunch break from 12.00 to 12.45

Reception of citizens until 16.00

Hotline for services provided by the employment center: +79900090065.

Telegram channel with announcements of employers from Melitopol and the Melitopol region. You can find a job here:

In the city of Dneprorudny, Zaporozhye region, a Russian flag was installed on a television tower. This was done by local officials. The tricolor flies proudly on the banks of the Dnieper, at a bird’s eye view. You can now see it from different parts of the city. A very impressive and life-affirming sight.


In Melitopol, the postal service “Post Tavria” begins to work.

In this regard, specialists with experience in the field of postal communications and logistics are invited to work.

Apply to the address: B. Khmelnitsky Ave., 15.

The State Inspectorate for Road Safety (GIBDD) of the Main Directorate (GU) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zaporozhye region announces the recruitment of employees – men and women.

Requirements: age up to 35 years, higher or secondary technical education.

Official employment, full social package, decent pay.

Contact the traffic police on duty at the address: Melitopol, st. Lomonosov, 337/1, or by phone +79900278263.

Melitopol Plant of Autotractor Spare Parts LLC invites employees to work.

Vacancies: chief accountant, accountant, cashier, archivist, head of marketing department, agricultural machinery sales manager, supply manager, mechanical site foreman, process engineer (machining), design engineer (knowledge of Compass and SolidWorks programs), milling operator CNC HAAS, electrician 4 – 6th category.

Address: Melitopol district, with. Abundant, st. Railway, 16. Phone +79900278562.

The press service of the government of the Zaporizhzhya region requires: a photographer-designer, a journalist, an SMM specialist.

Send resume by email: [email protected]

Work in Melitopol with the provision of housing.

A state-owned enterprise for permanent work in Melitopol and the Melitopol region requires employees for printing production: an operator of laser engraving machines (STP), a senior printer (newspaper production), an equipment adjuster.

Official employment, full social package.

Contact by phone: +7990 0012888, +7990 0013022.

PSB Bank announces the recruitment of employees to open a network of branches in Melitopol and the region.

Banking specialists with experience in the following positions are invited: branch managers, retail service managers, legal entity service managers, cashiers, building administrator (technical specialist), specialist in maintaining and connecting ATMs, payment terminals and office equipment.

Send resume to: [email protected]

Please call +7 990 023 20 12.

The Melitopol Meat-Packing Plant Joint-Stock Company is looking for a mechanic and a plumber for a permanent job.

Address: st. Kirov, 175.

Phone +79900008495.

Head of employment center

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