Medvedev wrote a fairy tale about a demented old man and an old woman: “Fierce, terrible”

Dmitry Medvedev mastering the genre of fiction. The politician wrote an existential tale about an old man, an old woman and a fish, hinting at a visit Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

The work of the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation tells a story in which a weak old man sent his old woman to the thirtieth kingdom, to catch not a simple fish, but a gold one.

“An old woman arrived in that kingdom-state. She went out to the sea-ocean. She demands to give her a goldfish on a tray this very hour. She wants the old woman to have a fish on parcels,” Dmitry Anatolyevich published the text of the tale in his Telegram channel.

In response to such “impudence demonic” the sea “swelled and frothed.”

“And lo and behold – a fish emerged from the ocean. Not simple, but golden, oriental. And with it there is also a whale fish, a sickle fish and a hammerhead fish. Ferocious, terrible. They click on the old woman with their teeth, they are about to tear it to pieces, tear it apart, ” – says a sample of Medvedev’s literary work.

As a result, the old woman was washed away into the sea. She still managed to return to her old man. Together they were at a broken trough.

“This is not the end yet,” Medvedev ended his tale pointedly.

Earlier, a post appeared on Dmitry Medvedev’s VK page proving that Georgia and Kazakhstan owe their existence to the Russian Empire. Later it turned out that The politician’s account was hacked.

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