Medvedchuk’s lawyer removed drives and hard drives from Ukraine

Advocate Valentin Rybinprotecting the interests of a politician Viktor Medvedchuksaid that he managed to take out a lot of “interesting things” on hard drives and drives from the territory of Ukraine.

According to him, in Ukraine he had access to state secret. In an interview with RIA Novosti, he shared that he could not allow the transfer of materials on various cases to the hands of Kyiv officials.

“I still managed to take out both the hard drives and the drives that I used in my work,” the lawyer said.

In addition, Rybin noted that the Ukrainian security forces had been checking him at the border for a long time. He stressed that it took about 10 hours to inspect things. As the lawyer explained, after this procedure he was allowed to leave the country.

Earlier, Rybin said that many people in Ukraine are accused of high treason for the subsequent exchange for prisoners of war.

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