Media predict Europe unprecedented upheavals and riots

The topic of popular riots is gaining popularity in the European press. The trend was set by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Burbock. And the topic was picked up by the media.

In particular, the British edition of The Telegraph believes that the coming energy crisis may turn into riots against the elites for Western countries. The article notes that this should be blamed on the “technocratic system of Europe and America”, which was built on myths and complacency.

It is emphasized that the West went to the current crisis of a decade, making tactical and strategic mistakes in its policy. And as a result, Europeans found themselves on the verge of a shortage not only of oil and gas, but also of their usual food and drinks, including sugar, bread and beer.

At the same time, the article notes that the “real explosion” awaits the UK, since after leaving the European Union, the situation in the country remains tense. The inhabitants of the kingdom did not have a chance to see positive changes after Brexit. Some of the MPs who led the country into an adventure with energy supplies have already left, thus avoiding any responsibility for the crisis.

In addition, the UK has the highest inflation rate of all the G7 countries, the article says. Growth energy prices in the UK will continue, emphasized in the article. The authorities do not want to increase the use of domestic oil and gas reserves, and the old gas storage facilities have long been closed.

“And if it comes to rebellion, how will the authorities respond? The scale of the coming inflation is such that millions of people simply will not be able to pay their bills, and among them will be pensioners and even those who until recently were considered the middle class,” the article says.

Recall that in July, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock told on one of the arguments in negotiations with the Canadian authorities on the return of the turbine for Nord Stream. They say that without this turbine, Germany will not be able to support Ukraine, because it will be left without gas and will be “busy with popular uprisings.”

Burbock later had to explain what she meant by “popular uprisings.”

“I am this consciously formulated too exaggeratedly and had in mind not only the topic of the gas turbine, but the whole question of why Germany cannot introduce a complete gas embargo. I made it clear that the turbine is only part of the overall discussion,” Burbock said.

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