Maxim Galkin’s speech in Turkey turned into a big scandal

TV presenter Maxim Galkin

TV presenter Maxim Galkin


Maksim Galkin actively tours cities and villages in order to earn a pretty penny. After escaping from Russia fifth husband of Alla Pugacheva lost his income. After leaving for Israel, and later moving to Latvia, the showman gives concerts in small halls for a Russian-speaking audience. True, not everything goes smoothly.

Concert Maksim Galina turned into scandals in Turkey. In social networks, viewers complained that in the heat they were taken away from the water at the entrance to the hall in sunny Antalya. At the same time, he husband of Alla Pugacheva asked not to film his speech.

Galkin, by the way, not only practiced humor, but also performed the hits of his dearest wife. For example, Maxim sang the song “Arlekino”.

After the concert, fans of the comedian began to share the details of the concert on social networks. People were indignant that they could not drink while sitting in the hall. “Water bottles were taken at the entrance”write the citizens.

In addition, there are rumors that, supposedly, several spectators planned to commit a provocation. True, there are no details about what the envious people were going to do. Be that as it may, the organizers were able to hold the concert, although it left an unpleasant aftertaste.

Recall that earlier Maria Pogrebnyak reported about the preparation of provocations at the Galkin show in Antalya. According to the blonde, they wanted to shower Pugacheva with watermelons and melons. “Without a scandal, the concert will not take place,” promised the wife of football player Pavel Pogrebnyak.

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