Maxim Galkin shouted in the Latvian forest

Maksim Galkin drove into the forest to have a good shout. The showman, finding himself in a forest thicket, gave vent to his emotions and howled from the heart.

Galkin and his son Harry went to the forest on bicycles. As soon as the spouse Alla Pugacheva found himself in a deserted pine forest, he allowed himself to scream. The artist appreciated the excellent acoustics of the forest. The parodist barked a little, and then decided to portray a sonorous howl.

“In such a forest, Harry, it’s good to imitate wolves,” said the showman, and burst into a desperate howl, like a wild coyote.

Harry laughed at his father’s parody by filming his parent’s wailing on his smartphone.

Previously Maxim Galkin on social networks entered into controversy with Internet users who attacked him with demands to return Alla Pugacheva to her homeland.

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