Mauricio Macri: “Argentines are waiting for October to start a new stage”

Mauricio Macri presented his second book in Mar del Plata (Photo: Christian Heit)
Mauricio Macri presented his second book in Mar del Plata (Photo: Christian Heit)

The ex-president Mauricio Macri presented his second bookSo that” accompanied by PRO leaders, in what was an act criticizing the Government and an electoral gesture at a time when there is speculation about his candidacy in this year’s elections. In addition to targeting the Frente de Todos, he gave details about the challenge that Together for Change will have in the event of returning to the Executive Branch

In the meeting with Fundación Libertad and Fundación Global, Macri spoke about issues more related to the economy and the future in political and institutional matters. She walked about 300 meters from the event center along Playa Grande. As she passed, there were greetings, requests for selfies and no disapproving gestures were heard.

In the speech, he gave the National Team an example and proposed imitating competition, effort and meritocracy. “The present is a time of darkness that is ending. An era of light is coming, of respect, and not in taking advantage. All of that is about to happen. I ask you to give us one more token, an opportunity to end this stage of darkness and lies, “he said.

During the meeting moderated by Cristian Ritondo, the former president expressed: “I am fine, calm, at peace. I want to be here, I love this country, I’m here to help change it.” “The average Argentine cannot listen to one more lie. Argentines are waiting for October to say: we are starting a new stage, ”he added.

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“We are living in a bankrupt Argentina, with 100 percent inflation. When you are a leader, you have to have priorities to help as many people as possible and get out of this moment,” added the former president.

Mauricio Macri criticized the Government during the presentation of the book "So that"
Mauricio Macri criticized the Government during the presentation of the book “For what”

In his criticism of the economy, Macri considered that “the country is waking up and is warning that it is the end of this dark, manipulative, populist, and lying government, which is subduing us and that the most affected are retirees and wage-earners.” .

“The lie is falling. There are no more reserves in the Central Bank, the king has been left naked. We perceive that the government is leaving us two big bombs: the debt of the Central Bank, which does not stop growing, and the issuance of pesos. We don’t know where a government that doesn’t focus on the problems of the people is going to take us,” he added.

Maria Eugenia Vidal, Cristian Ritondo and Jorge Macri
Maria Eugenia Vidal, Cristian Ritondo and Jorge Macri

During the presentation of her second book, she also spoke of the inmate who lives Together for Change: “Within the coalition we have, we are open to a competition to see who leads. It is an important competition and it is good that it is so”.

“We have to put together a good team, that is the dream, it is utopian but possible. We want to build a team that works, with good and capable people. I prefer to sacrifice a little capacity but not human quality”, considered the PRO leader when referring to the challenge that the opposition coalition will have.

Diego Santilli, Humberto Schiavoni and Miguel Ángel Pichetto
Diego Santilli, Humberto Schiavoni and Miguel Ángel Pichetto

In this sense, he considered that “the presidential word has to be refloated, which is so beaten. Then he has to tell the truth 24 hours a day, no matter how hard it is, the people who vote for that president need to trust ”.

“We lived through a very traumatic 2020 and 2021 for us and I think that it does not kill you, it strengthens you. Now we have once again clearly seen why we came to politics, why we are in politics and that together it is a necessary condition but it is not sufficient. Together it cannot be at the cost of not being the change, that would be once again allying ourselves with the biggest factory for the poor that has ever existed in this country, which is the status quo. We have to break with all this corporate mafia system that has dominated Argentina ”, he concluded.

Among those present were the national deputy and pre-candidate for the Buenos Aires governorship, Diego Santilli; the Buenos Aires government minister and candidate to become Head of Government, Jorge Macri; former senator Miguel Ángel Pichetto; the former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal; and the deputy and former Minister of Security from Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo.

Also present were the community leaders of Lanús, Néstor Grindetti, and of Tres de Febrero, Diego Valenzuela.

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