Mato broke the president’s veto, the criticized Balk approved the far right Svt

According to the audience, the current coalition coalition was not unanimously, the deputies voted for the veto of the appeals and thanks to the support of the far right. After the approval of the package, the deductible tax item for children of dependent children, as well as child allowances, has been gradually increased in Slovakia since July. From this year on, stt will contribute to dt rings.

The president of the aputies shook the House for procedural reasons. She criticized the fact that in the accelerated regime, the parliament approved such a measure, which they will pay for the year. According to nk, there was no reason for such a procedure, and this package package should be discussed in the standard mode, which would, for example, allow for a discussion on the draft.

According to the law, the so-called shortening of legislative legislation can only be handled in exceptional cases, when, for example, the basic first or the state threat to known economic codes may be endangered. has said two that, in the event of a breach of his sentence, the state court to examine the legitimacy of the hearing in the accelerated regime.

The package in support of families was promoted by the Chief Minister of Finance Igor Mat, only these measures were introduced last year as part of the proposed tax reform. The government has not discussed that bag yet. At the time of the high inflation, he then supported Mat on the side of his family.

Both economists and government parties, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), have criticized the two because they say they will lead to a spread of families, regardless of their financial situation, and low-income residents may not reach a full tax-deductible item.

Analysts and students alike said that with high growth in prices of goods and services, it should help not only families with children. The selected two groups of the population who are most at risk of rising costs for basic financial needs have only paid a one-off contribution.

First of all, they do not like to call deductible items for personal income taxes. This will lead to the collection of this tax, which is divided between municipalities, cities and self-governing regions. These entities thus lose a total of about pl billion euros (12.3 billion crowns).

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