Massive resignation at Buenaventura hospital due to non-payment

The specialists were to be paid by December 28, but the money never came.  Credit: official website of the hospital.
The specialists were to be paid by December 28, but the money never came. Credit: official website of the hospital.

After they failed to pay their salaries for up to seven months, a group of twenty medical specialists made the decision to resign on January 11 from guarding the District Hospital Luis Ablanque de la Platathe care center of good luck (Cauca’s Valley). The intervening agent appeals to the vocation of health professionals to resume their shifts.

The doctors had been set a payment deadline of December 28. “I had more expectations because the minister served as a guarantor for the process to flow. We returned to resume our functions under the word of the minister, who told us that by the 28th all the debt would be cancelled,” said pediatrician Carlos Magno Guerrero, one of the retired specialists, to the local news outlet Noticias del Medio Día de Buenaventura.

The pediatrician explained that they had offered an additional payment facility so that they could finally consign them: instead of paying everything owed in one installment, the professionals agreed to receive two salaries owed until the debt was settled. However, they did not receive the money. They also did not define their employment situations, since several of them were not even covered by a written contract.

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The Buenaventura district official, Edwin Hanes Patiño, stated that there is no set date for these specialists to resume activities and that they subjected their return to service to three conditions. “First, that he be paid the whole of your salary; second, that the contracts be legalized; and third, they are talking about inputs that they can work with.”

“As long as these conditions are not met, they do not lift the cessation of activities. There remains a violation of the rights of the Buenos Aires community, it is a crisis and an alert, which we are making known as the Public Ministry,” added the representative.

After the news of the massive resignation spread, the special agent for the intervention, José Fabio Nazar Ortega, regretted the decision in a statement to the media: he described it as an unfortunate event and explained that the hospital has not received the promised resources. “It is a time of year when resources do not reach the entities until the corresponding financial closings are made and allow the resources to arrive that, according to the capita contracts, would facilitate the transfer of those resources to the specialists” , he pointed.

The controller explained that only the emergency service is working in the hospital, which is attended by general practitioners. In the event that more complex care is required, patients will have to be transferred to other health institutions or to Cali, the departmental capital, three hours away from the municipality.

For this reason, Nazar appealed to the humanitarian sense specialists to resume activities, with the commitment that payments will be made when the money is collected. “Despite all the difficulties they have had, it is also true that they have a great sense of belonging to the Buenos Aires society. So, let’s hope that we can reach an agreement, with a short waiting period that allows this to be corrected and that the lives of the members of this community are not harmed, “concluded the controller.

This resignation occurs in the midst of the intervention of the Superintendence of Health, which took control of the hospital since December due to its critical financial situation and its management failures: deficient contracting, non-existence of a cost system that serves as a management tool, deficient purification of portfolio and collection management, lawsuits against the entity.

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