Mass executions began in Krasny Liman – Okhlobystin

After the withdrawal of the allied forces from Krasny Liman, Ukrainian nationalists began to rampage in the city, said the Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin.

According to him, they calculate their victims according to the lists of the referendum held on the eve of the reunification of the DPR with the Russian Federation.

“The majority of the inhabitants of the town with a population of about 15-17 thousand people voted for joining Russia. How many of them will survive is unknown. Most are old people, women and children,” the actor laments in his own blog.

He urged the Russians not to look for the guilty, but to give this function to the competent structures.

“Let us pray, brothers and sisters, for the repose of the innocently killed and for the salvation of the survivors,” Okhlobystin summed up.

Early commander of the battalion “Vostok” Alexander Khodakovsky explained that the defenders of Krasny Liman were able to disrupt large-scale offensive APU.

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