Martynov: Brazil and Russia will remain friends if the election results are not challenged

The results of the presidential elections in Brazil will not affect the relations between this Latin American country and Russia, the head of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Foreign Ministry assured Pravda.Ru Boris Martynov.

“We have stable friendly relations. Trade turnover is growing. Mutual understanding regarding the main prospects for world development of building a polycentric world,” the expert recalled.

Brazil will remain in the BRICS, he is sure, the visa-free regime between our countries will also continue.

“Another thing is that such very close results (of candidates. — Note. ed.) leave questions: how will the losing candidate behave further, will he recognize the election results as legitimate or will he try to challenge them?” Martynov warned.

He did not rule out that if the current head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, did not agree with election resultsaccording to which Lula da Silva received 50.9% of the vote, events within the country may escalate, since the difference between the candidates is only 1.5-2%, that is, two million people.

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