Marina Mora referred to Alessia Rovegno in the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary: “I saw her nervous”

Marina Mora gives her opinion regarding Alessia Rovegno's performance in the Miss Universe Preliminary.  instagram
Marina Mora gives her opinion regarding Alessia Rovegno’s performance in the Miss Universe Preliminary. instagram

Our Miss Peru, Alessia Rovegno had a share in the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition, quite commented on social networks and several beauty experts highlighted her catwalk and development on stage. Regarding the public, different opinions could be seen on digital platforms. While some applauded her performance, others considered that she lacked a lot of strength and attitude.

infobae chatted with the ex-beauty queen Marina Mora so that she can tell us her impressions and opinions regarding the performance that the Peruvian showed in the stage prior to the final gala, which was held in New Orleans, United States.

The director of her School of Modeling pointed out that Alessia Rovegno, In the first parade in a bathing suit, she was seen quite confident and all the preparation she had had was noted; However, the same did not happen in the following catwalks, her nerves played against her and she “did not show energy”.

The daughter of Barbara Cayo and Lucho Rovegno is a few days away from participating in the final of the Miss Universe 2022 and could improve certain aspects that the former Miss Peru World 2001 has recommended.

Marina What did you think of Alessia Rovegno’s performance in the Miss Universe Preliminary?

I was watching the entire preliminary, the competition is always strong, and at this stage you can see who is ready, who is safer and who lacks a bit of a good performance on stage.

And how did you see our Miss Peru on stage?

As a Peruvian I want Alessia to win, I particularly think that her beauty, size, skin color stood out a lot, all good, but I noticed her a little nervous in the preliminary.

Marina Mora, director of Miss Teen Model Peru.  Photo: Facebook
Marina Mora, director of Miss Teen Model Peru. Photo: Facebook

In the first stage, which is the swimsuit parade, what did you think of the catwalk?

I saw her better in the swimwear show than in the other two, she was divine. She lacked a bit of strength, but better than the others. She has improved a lot on the miss catwalk, it shows that she has prepared a lot.

Alessia Rovegno paraded in a bathing suit

The gala dress by the Peruvian designer Augusto Manzanares, do you think it was a good selection of color and design for Alessia?

It’s a beautiful dress, but if you compare it with a high competition one it looked like (…). The red suits her super well, but if we see that dress next to those who used Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Russia… the level was dreamy. Now, as I work, the designer is a talent.

Do you think that she should have chosen another dress with more appliqués, sparkles or that are more flattering on her?

I’m not saying it’s wrong, the dress is fine, it doesn’t necessarily have to be low-cut or bizarre. It seems to me that there were more showy dresses.

And as for the way she wore the dress and her show?

Alessia doesn’t need that much to like her, let’s hope to see her in the final. She wasn’t bad, but I could have done a little better. As well as taking a little more time on her spin because she didn’t rock the model front.

Alessia Rovegno at the Miss Universe 2022 gala parade. Instagram
Alessia Rovegno at the Miss Universe 2022 gala parade. Instagram

The ‘national consume’ that Alessia used was a model by the Peruvian designer Beto Pinedo. How did you see her parading that typical costume?

I did not see her safe, I saw her super nervous in the typical costume. It was noted that there was something prior, there was a lot of change in her attitude when she came out in this suit in bathing clothes

She had several incidents with her typical costume, then she confirmed that the wings of the costume were broken, can these details affect the time of leaving?

Of course, those details affect. What I have read is that it is also that the shoes were not what I had initially chosen. I prefer her parade in a bathing suit that was divine.

Alessia Rovegno paraded in typical dress | Youtube

Do these incidents usually happen in a beauty pageant?

Yes, we are exposed to something like this happening. This preliminary will serve as experience for the final. Even if the world falls, she has to go out, safe and with less nerves.

Is it very difficult to wear those representative costumes?

In my contest it was a night of talents, it was not only wearing the sailor suit, but dancing. There is a lot of pressure at that stage.

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Alessia Rovegno in typical dress at Miss Universe 2022. Instagram
Alessia Rovegno in typical dress at Miss Universe 2022. Instagram

What do you think Alessia lacked in this Preliminary stage?

She lacked control of the situation so that it does not affect her performance, the control of emotions and that this makes her look more secure. Because in rehearsals I saw her with more strength and energy.

The public on social networks said that Alessia Rovegno lacked attitude. What is your opinion?

I was left with a positive attitude. The public gives their opinion and since the networks are open, people think more and hopefully they take it well, with a good attitude and as they have always taken the comments. We hope that this preliminary will help you to have a better result in the final, that you control more the emotions and the situations that may arise.

Do you think that lack of experience in beauty pageants played against her?

I can’t say that now because I haven’t seen the result, but I think he lacked emotional control and you learn that through life and through coaching. She has had classes with the coaches and has improved a lot since when she was chosen in Lima, that must be applauded.

After her presentation, what should Alessia’s attitude be now and going forward?

She would have to focus on her final night, think that she had a setback in the typical costume and those moments of nerves can happen to you, but you have to focus on getting over that.

In what aspects has it improved?

On the catwalk and during the competition I have seen that she has been giving her all, but being herself and that has had a positive impact on people. She is not a girl who has needed to be someone else to like her.

Do you have it very difficult to go to the grand final of Miss Universe 2022?

Yes, he has a very difficult time, he has competition from a spectacularly beautiful Venezuelan and a super-prepared Colombian, their beauty and attitude are very good. A beautiful Italian and a USA that shows that she is very prepared in attitude, wardrobe, development, pretty and a very good personality. In addition, there is the Mexican candidate who came out to dazzle on stage.

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Alessia Rovegno at the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition.
Alessia Rovegno at the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary competition.

In your opinion, who would be your 16 classified for the semifinal of Miss Universe?

I have not been able to reduce my list to 16, but I can tell you that my favorites are Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Italy, Iceland, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, India, Portugal, Vietnam, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Aruba, Panama, Turkey and France.

Who are your favorite Latina candidates who could take the crown?

Among Latinas; Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, in that order I see the competition for Peru.

Among the international?

I love how beautiful Iceland is, I really like the USA, Italy, the Philippines and Malta. They are the ones that should be in the final.

Miss Universe International: Miss Latinas competition for Alessia Rovegno.  (instagram)
Miss Universe International: Miss Latinas competition for Alessia Rovegno. (instagram)

What advice would you give Alessia at the gates of the final gala?

Let him focus on her and live his moment. If she has sensed something that she hasn’t liked, take matters into her own hands and get over it because she has a chance to shine on one final night. My wish is that she is among the 16, then she has to show that she deserves to be the winner. Show on stage what you have learned.


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