Maria Shukshina demands to report on those who listen to the songs of Sofia Rotaru and Verka Serduchka

Actress Maria Shukshina

Actress Maria Shukshina

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Maria Shukshinaknown for its firm civic position, made another loud statement. The actress called write denunciations on those who listen Verka Serduchka and Sofia Rotaru.

Maria Shukshina trying to fight the enemies of Russia in his own way. A mother of many children actively maintains a blog where everyone can write to her and share their worries. The other day, caring Russians told the actress about the pain. Some Muscovites do not like that songs are heard in the capital Verka Skrduchka and Sofia Rotaru.

“Last Saturday met with a disgusting spectacle – boats ply along the Moscow River in the center. Various entertaining pop music is heard from the decks. People are dancing. And all is fine, but dancing to Serdyuchka and Chervona Ruta look like a mockery, ugly, crooked”, “Dances to Serduchka and Rotaru look out of place and incorrect. For some, dancing to Serduchka, in principle, can become provocative discrimination against the image of a Russian person,” Shukshina quoted a message from subscribers.

Maria Vasilievna I completely agree with the Patriots. “I consider this case outstanding, I can’t pass by, because, as we know, the war of cultural codes is in full swing, and all these things are not harmless,” she wrote.

Then thanked the citizens for sounding the alarm. “In wartime conditions, I suggest contacting the Federal Security Service, whose effective work we are now observing,” the artist added.

It is worth noting that Andrey Danilkoknown from the image of a broken conductor Verka Serduchka, more than once watered Russia with slops. At the same time, according to rumors, until recently, the artist visited our country and spoke for money at private parties on Rublyovka. For the performance, the artist takes from 65 to 80 thousand euros.

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