Maria Poroshina burst into tears in public from fear and loneliness

Actress Maria Poroshina.

Actress Maria Poroshina.


Maria Poroshina was born into a theatrical family. Her father – Mikhail Poroshin led the choreographic ensemble “Birch”. Mom – Natalia Krasnoyarskaya was the director of the mimic ensemble of the Bolshoi Theater and a professional singer. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that Maria went to the artist. True, on the way to fame, she had to endure many dramas.

Maria Poroshina studied at a Moscow school with an in-depth study of the French language, studied music, rhythmic gymnastics and dancing at the Beryozka ensemble. “Artists of the Maly and Bolshoi Theaters, architects, composers, artists, playwrights gathered at our house. I always rushed straight to this company, wherever I was, it was so interesting there. I had an irresistible desire to be involved in the acting profession“, she recalled

True, after graduating from school for a long time she did not dare to enter the theater – she was afraid. “I’m timid even now. And in her youth, she was not just afraid of the stage and the public – I was generally afraid of people, close attention to my person, it seemed to me that it was somehow immodest to go out and broadcast something. I remember that I kept walking near the buildings of the institutes and did not dare to go in. I waited until June, when the auditions ended and the second rounds began,” shared the actress.

One day, while walking around Moscow with a friend, Maria ended up at the Moscow Art Theater School. The satellite began to persuade Poroshina to try his hand: “We’ll just find out if you still have a chance or not.”

As a result, young people entered the school and went up to the training unit. But the secretary told them that they were late, as tours were in full swing. “Teachers listen to” tens “- groups of ten students. I was delighted,” Maria is quoted 7 days.

But it was not there. As a result, the secretary of the educational unit literally pushed the young Poroshina into the audience. So 16-year-old Maria got to the audition. “I go in, and there are about 20 teachers – chairs in three rows. And the spotlights are on. It’s scary! I went to a dark corner, and someone from the commission said to me: “Come out, read. Everyone has already read, so you are the last one left” “, she said.

When the future actress tried to read Akhmatova’s poem, the commission laughed out loud. “I couldn’t stand it: “What’s the matter? I don’t understand why you hurt my feelings?” “Yes, you are just too young for such a poem.”

But most of all the commission was amused as Poroshina read prose – a story about a wet chicken in love with the rain. Then she was asked to read Pushkin’s Winter Morning.

“I cheerfully read two quatrains, and then I forgot the text, I began to stutter. The whole room began to prompt me, and this again amused the teachers. And I burst into tears, it became so scary and lonely … But to my amazement, bypassing the third round, I was sent immediately to the competition. This is the last stage of the creative exam … I entered the course of Tabakov, who was then the rector of the Studio School, “- said the artist.

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