Marcelo Ebrard denied that there is interventionism by Mexico in the political affairs of Peru

The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard offered a press conference in Nuevo León.  (Twitter/@SRE_mx)
The Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard offered a press conference in Nuevo León. (Twitter/@SRE_mx)

This December 10, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon met with the Board of Directors of Caintra in Monterrey, Nuevo León, with the objective of highlight economic opportunities that Mexico has in the world, as well as the international expansion channels of the business sector promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE). At a press conference, the chancellor was asked about the request for political asylum to the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo; and also if there is interventionism from Mexico in the politics of the South American country.

Ebrard Casaubon declared that the right to political asylum is a traditional right granted by Mexico, and that no person has been denied. He claimed that in the SRE they received the request of former President Castillo in the early morning of December 6, that there is a procedure established by law and that That request is in progress..

“Now, what if this is it interventionism? No, this is an adherence to the diplomatic tradition of Mexico. Now that we have an opinion, the president has already given it, even here in Nuevo León a moment ago and that is the opinion of the government that the president has already given, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, the head of the SRE indicated that the attitude shown by the Government of Mexico is not unique, because other nations have also adopted the same position regarding the issue of political asylum: “It is not an eagerness to be intervening. What we are expressing, asserting, is the tradition of Mexican asylum. It has been my whole life, ”he told the press.

He also emphasized that there is no separation between the governments of Mexico and Peru, that there is brotherhood between both peoples. Likewise, he expressed that he wishes that the political problems of the South American nation could be resolved in a positive manner.


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