Manchine is a tree that you can’t stand next to. It’s deadly

Our planet is a storehouse of mysteries and secrets. The plant world is so diverse that one can endlessly talk about its unusual phenomena.

A person is not able to exist without the plant world, since the green cover is a source of oxygen.

Plants are very diverse: some may have medicinal properties, while others are able to kill any living creature with their juice or even smell.

Manchine, or tree of death

Most often, poisonous plants are found in America, but there is a special species that grows in the Antilles. This is a manchineel, popularly called the “tree of death.” This tree is so poisonous that a person only needs to stand next to it for a few minutes, and the strongest poisoning of the whole organism will be guaranteed to him.

The fact is that manchineel instead of oxygen, as ordinary plants do, it releases specific toxic substances that can adversely affect both humans and animals, and insects die altogether in a few seconds.

Mushroom tinder fungus with taste of boiled chicken breast

In Germany and North America there is a special delicacy that looks like the most ordinary mushroom, but what will be your surprise when, when you start your meal, you will feel nothing more than the taste of a real boiled chicken breast. This mushroom, like everyone else, grows in clusters, the width of the cap can sometimes overcome the mark of 40 cm, and it is called “tinder fungus”is very consonant with the mulberry tree.

Ceratonia with seeds weighing 200 grams

One of the amazing plants, namely ceratonia, has been used as weights since ancient times. The fact is that this plant always produces absolutely identical seeds weighing 0.2 g. It was very convenient for sellers and artisans to calculate the weight of their goods using these seeds.

eucalyptus rainbow

If you rarely catch a rainbow, then the locals of the island of Mindanao can observe it in any weather. And all thanks to amazing a rare species of eucalyptus. Its bark is literally rainbow colored. By the color of the bark, you can determine the age of the plant. So, for example, a young tree has a bright green color, over time, its bark begins to peel off in small narrow strips, and the tree becomes bright blue, and sometimes even blue, by the end of aging the tree may even turn pink.

“Crazy” cucumbers

In addition to ordinary cucumbers, there are also “mad” ones. “Crazy” cucumbers grow on the shores of the Black and Mediterranean seas. This plant received such an unusual name because of the specific method of propagation of its seeds. When the “mad” cucumber begins to ripen, at the slightest contact with something, it simply bounces off its leg, seeds begin to erupt from its hole at a frantic speed. By the way, they can cover a distance of up to 12 meters.

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