management at the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University will be changed

At Moscow State University, a change in the leadership of one of the leading humanities faculties is coming again.

Following the scandalous stories with replacements at the historical and philosophical faculties, the turn came to the change of the dean at the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University. Anonymous telegram channels gush with versions and forecasts. And I must say that the rotation at the Faculty of Law is long overdue and the point here is not the recent scandal with a number of teachers and their anti-state public activities in the context of negative and clearly outwardly motivated assessments of the SVO and anti-sanction measures of the government. This was rather the last straw that overflowed the patience of the administration of the oldest university in the country.

Numerous publications and sources indicate that instead of “tired” Alexandra Golichenkova the chair of the Dean of the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University can be taken by a well-known jurist, lawyer and ex-deputy of the State Duma, Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building of the State Duma of the IV-VI convocations, Honored Lawyer of Russia Vladimir Pligin.

Of course, as usual, there is no public reaction to these rumors from Vladimir Pligin himself. And it is even possible that the status heavyweight was dragged into this PR campaign in absentia without his knowledge. However, there is a problem. The Faculty of Law of Moscow State University is not just a forge of personnel for the law enforcement system, lawyers, prosecutors, judges. This is a system-forming element of the legal structure of our country.

The other day, certainly by coincidence, “Lawyer’s newspaper” published great interview with Vladimir Pligin about the fate of the domestic advocacy.

Practically a manifesto of healthy liberalism. Today, when the word “liberal” undeservedly acquires a negative connotation in vain political struggle, it is important, after all, with the water of cleansing our policy of neo-Bolsheviks on someone else’s allowances (such as “gozmans” etc.) not to throw out real rights and freedoms, which, by the way, to every citizen of our The country is guaranteed by the constitution.

A real liberal is one who actively advocates for guaranteed freedoms, for a systemic and free sovereign state. For the rights of every person without regard to the conditional abroad. It is always a patriot. You can wash the bones as much as you like for our commissary Elvira Nabiullina or Anton Siluanov, but these are high-class professionals in their field, in demand at a particularly critical period in our history. In this sense, the neo-Bolsheviks coincide with the Komshiza almost completely in their hatred of real liberal views.

Vladimir Pligin in his interview openly and harshly responds to the criticism of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (FPA), a slanderous campaign against whose leadership has been launched in the same anonymous TGK.

The fact that the leadership of the FPA manages to keep the chamber from the aggressive influence of radicals from both the pseudo-liberal and the “Black Hundred” camps is, of course, the merit of the chairman and partner Vladimir Pligin in the legal business Yuri Pilipenko.

Those who demand the politicization of the legal profession and even justice in general, regardless of the branding and color of the party flag, are equally harmful to the state.

Ochlocracy of pseudo-leftists and nationalists or an elite sect of “ultra-liberals”, but in fact neo-Bolsheviks. They are equally dangerous for the future of our country. The whole history of the 20th century is exactly about this. Deviations from the principle of legality and legitimacy for the sake of a targeted political effect always lead to disaster.

During the period when Vladimir Pligin promoted and created the liberal platform of United Russia, I spoke with him several times. The very idea of ​​such a sovereign liberal democracy, based on discussion and the legal imperative, with the main and unconditional task of ensuring the rights and freedoms of every citizen, cannot but arouse the support of the majority of citizens of the country.

At one time, this idea was actively promoted by the chairman of the United Russia party, the ex-president, and now deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. By the way, he was also a lawyer and a practicing lawyer before starting his political career. The closest associate of Dmitry Medvedev, the Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, can be attributed to the same galaxy of legal practitioners Konstantin Chuichenko.

It is worth noting that the long-term result of the United Russia majority in parliament is exactly about this, and not about “cunning political technologies and administrative resources,” as the same neo-Bolsheviks are trying to assure the public.

In general, be that as it may, Vladimir Pligin would be an excellent dean of the law faculty of Moscow State University. It would be nice not to refuse.

Today’s law students are tomorrow’s lawyers who defend us, these are judges, these are ministers, these are deputies and presidents. That is the future of the country.

I would very much like them to grow up not only as honest liberals (in the most precise sense of the word!), selflessly defending constitutional freedoms, but also to be sincere patriots.

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