Main in Russophobia and last in the economy: Bulgaria plunges into chaos

Russophobia has become an indispensable condition for the Bulgarian prime ministers to be in power. However, Kiril Petkov “surpassed” the efforts of all previous colleagues and deserved a vote of no confidence.

Reasons for the vote of no confidence in the Petkov government

Government Kirila Petkova announced on Wednesday vote of no confidence. It was introduced by the party Boyko Borisova “Citizens for the Development of Bulgaria” (GERB) after Slavi Trifonov withdrew his party “There is such a people” (ETH) from the government coalition.

In their arguments, the deputies from the GERB party pointed to government failure in financial and economic policy – high inflation due to rising energy prices.

Petkov’s party “Continue Changes” (PP), having won the elections just six months ago (25.7% of the vote), formed a coalition with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the Democratic Bulgaria (DM) electoral bloc and ETH. GERB (second place), pro-Turkish DPS and anti-American “Renaissance”.

123 deputies from GERB, ETN, DPS and Vozrozhdenie supported the removal of the Cabinet. 116 deputies from the PP, BSP, DB and self-nominees who left the ETH voted in support of the government.

MP from ETN Toshko Yordanov called another reason for voting for the vote – violation of the coalition agreement on North Macedoniathat is, the removal of Petkov’s veto on its admission to the EU

The Bulgarian government insists that North Macedonia formally recognize that:

  • her language has Bulgarian roots,
  • there is a Bulgarian minority in the country,
  • and abolished “hate speech” against Bulgaria.

North Macedonia has stated that its identity and language are non-negotiable.

Petkov made Bulgaria the main Russophobe of the EU

Romanian media Ziare points out that Harvard graduate Petkov is known for his tough anti-Russian stance. The publication believes that the big “fault” of the “Harvard boy” was his anti-Russian position.

Indeed, Bulgaria is among the first in the EU refused from Russian gas imports for rubles. At the same time, the dependence on it was about 90%. Petkov also removed the Minister of Defense from the government Stefan Yanev for the fact that he did not speak out harshly enough regarding the special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Sofia froze the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belene and tried to officially approve the supply of weapons to Ukraine (the socialists voted against).

The question is: why did Petkov not act like Orban, that is, did not veto the sanctions? The answer is quite clear – the lack of sovereignty in Bulgaria, which allows you to care about citizens, and not about US hegemony.

Bulgaria’s economy is tied to Russian energy

Much easier to blame everything on Russia. Petkov, speaking in parliament, called the Russian ambassador in Sofia the culprit of his resignation through the Renaissance party (a total of 13 seats in parliament), writes the Greek Iefimerida

Meanwhile, it was absolutely stupid to conflict with Russia, on which the Bulgarian economy depends. Apart from depending on the gas Bulgaria also depends on oil supplies. The largest network of gas stations, as well as the only oil refinery, belong to the Russian company Lukoil. The two reactors at the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, covering two-thirds of the country’s electricity needs, are maintained by Rosatom.

The result of the supported sanctions against the Russian Federation is an increase in energy prices and inflation.

As Pravda.Ru said Nikolai Podchasov, Researcher, European Union Research Sector and Center for European Studies, IMEMO RASthe Petkov government tried to “move its internal political problems into the mainstream of talk about behind-the-scenes influence” of the Kremlin’s puppets, who “wake up in the morning and think about how to steal something.”

“That is, this is not reality, these are not direct issues of Russian-Bulgarian relations, this is purely internal political propaganda – such a scarecrow for the people,” the expert noted.

He believes that the refusal of the gas contract with the Russian Federation from the point of view of the Bulgarian economy was ill-conceived, because in the fall the issue of heating and the operation of enterprises will arise. But in the short term, he allowed Petkov to receive political dividends as a pro-Western politician.

Food in Bulgaria rises in price faster than in Ukraine

According to the newspaper “Work”, Bulgaria ranks 20th in the world in terms of the highest food inflation, ahead of Ukraine. Pensioners and low-income segments of the population, who mainly spend their income on food, suffer the most. According to the NSI, food and non-alcoholic beverages have risen in price by 22.7% over the past year (May 2022/May 2021).

And the cost of the most popular A-95 gasoline rose by an average of 58%. How informs newspaper, there are protests in Sofia over high fuel prices. Citizens carry banners with the words: “Enough hopelessness.” The protest was supported by the carriers of the country.

Now Petkov will have another opportunity to form a cabinet of ministers. If unsuccessful, Borisov will try to do it, and so on.

If an agreement to form a government is not reached, the President will appoint an interim government, dissolve the National Assembly and call new elections.

The return of Borisov … or Yanev

Almost all polls show that the party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is winning the next election (that Russophobe). Most non-parliamentary parties hope that there will be new elections.

Among them, according to sociologists, the party founded by former defense minister and twice acting prime minister Stefan Yanev (thus “pro-Russian”) has the greatest electoral potential.

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