Magaly Medina gives details of her party: “We spent 70 thousand soles in cash, apart from the exchange”

Magaly Medina gives details of her party to Infobae.  Instagram
Magaly Medina gives details of her party to Infobae. Instagram

Magaly Medina turns 25 years of successful television career in November, and did not hesitate to Throw the house out the window this Saturday, October 29. in conversation with Infobaethe TV host said that about 70 thousand soles were invested in cash to carry out this meeting, in addition to having exchanges and sponsorships from important companies.

Likewise, he gave us details of how he lived this special moment with his magpies and ex-urracos, for whom – he confesses – he threw the party. Magaly Medina He also referred to the crown, a piece that he wore to give a clear message to his detractors.

Magaly, your 25-year career on TV was finally celebrated in a big way…

Well, we had to celebrate, it’s 25 years. I actually did it more for the boys (his magpies). I think they get excited about these meetings, meeting again, meeting people we haven’t seen for a long time. There are many people who have gone through the program all these years, it has been like a reunion party. We did not know about the lives of many, and that there are people who have not come because they are not here in Peru or they have not been able to.

You dedicated an emotional message to your magpies and exurracos….

Yeah, well, I’m not an easy boss, I’m a pretty demanding boss. Finally, much of what I do at work, I have liked to teach. Sometimes, many have learned the hard way, I know about this business. In these years, I know how much I know, I have learned a lot, and I know what I want on the screen, in a note.

Is the success of the program due to the team?

Yes, the success of the program is due to the team, but I think that none of my magpies have managed to do a program alone, I mean when they leave. So far I have not found them to be successful on their own. There have been but they passed without pain or glory. Television is very visual, and it is very difficult to unite in a note, image and text. It is about having that touch, I am very demanding with my editors, with the editions. I think that is part of the secret of what we do.

How do you take imitations of your show?

Imitation has occurred in everything, I see programs like ‘On everyone’s lips’, others on weekends that copy styles, the way of speaking, the notes. It’s a way of paying tribute, I think. When I see knock-offs, I say, ‘You have to feel good. Only what is admired, what is well done, is imitated’. In that we should feel flattered.

You say you threw the party for his magpies, how would you have celebrated it?

I would have made it more familiar, because I usually celebrate important things with the family, and with few friends. They are a very ‘family’ person.

Until what time did the meeting last?

We left at 9 pm, because today (Sunday, October 30) I have to accompany my husband to Acho, and I had to be up early to get ready. The boys continued, the party was for them, they danced a lot and continued.

You weren’t far behind with the dance either…

Oh, I always dance at parties, although with two left feet but I dance (laughs). I like to dance, the music plays and I start to move. How I move, that’s the problem, but I have fun (laughs).

And you gave in to the exchange for the celebration of the party…

Yes, of course, I said that my party was going to be exchanged, we don’t have that much of a budget. Such a party costs a lot of money, and that we have had cash to pay, approximately 60 thousand soles, and a little more, more than 60 thousand soles. About 70 thousand soles in cash, apart from the exchange. A party is not cheap. The cake and the place were exchanged, the two orchestras were free of charge. We definitely had to thank (mention on their networks), we had sponsorships like Samsung, which is a sponsor of my program and they collaborated with us, Heineken also bet on us. The rest was paid in cash, otherwise it would have been more expensive.

Cuy from 'En Boca de Todos' became 'Urraca'.  (instagram)
Cuy from ‘En Boca de Todos’ became ‘Urraca’. (instagram)

Did you take care of the selection of musical groups?

The boys chose it, the party was for them. The boys were in charge of managing it, they wanted Río Band and Combinación de la Habana and they achieved it. I’m not that type of salsa, but they wanted it and it was their party.

Carlos Barraza offered to sing for free with his orchestra and you immediately said no, what happened?

It’s just that it seemed to me that it didn’t have to be a parade of musicians on stage, because otherwise it becomes a concert. And what I wanted was for the boys to dance and have fun. He didn’t want the groups to become the stars of the night, but the boys themselves.

Ney Guerrero went with his partner to your party, have you given his current girlfriend the go-ahead?

Ney became a great friend over the years. A producer is an important piece, it’s what happens to me with Patrick Llamo (his current producer). The producer becomes over the years a very good friend. Also, during the time we were in jail he worried a lot about me, he was and is a super support for me. He is the friend who is there.

And how do you get along with your partner?

Ney has found a very intelligent, beautiful woman and I notice that she is in love. She is a very intelligent woman, the best girlfriend she has ever gotten. Yes I have given the approval of her? Yes, I have been very critical, it is true (laughs). And not only with her partner, but with her environment. She criticized everything. I always tell him, what do you do, what do you do (laughter). It is clearly a joke, because she has an important position in the channel.

The crown you wore had a clear meaning, are you a unique TV queen?

Ah, yes, that was a subliminal message for everyone (laughs), whoever feels alluded to, take it (laughs). That is an ornament, the crown is a detail, but there are so many fights about who is the queen, everyone defines themselves as the queen, the television diva, well, I put on the crown and the matter is over.

Magaly Medina dedicates a message to her former
Magaly Medina dedicates a message to her former “magpies”. (instagram)

Melissa Paredes and Janet Barboza responded and remarked that the queen of TV is Gisela Valcárcel…

They don’t matter, but I put on the crown (laughs). Look, those titles are not interesting, those titles are put by the public, the press, I really don’t care. I am interested in being the queen in my personal life. I have always worn the crown since I was little, invisible, but crown after all, I always felt like the queen and I carry the crown in my heart.

But you are the queen of ampay…

From the ampay and from the show too (laughs). There has been no program like mine. When television research is done, Magaly Medina will have to be discussed.


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