Magaly Medina exploded against Rodrigo Cuba for leading a ‘single life’ while with Ale Venturo

Magaly Medina exploded against Rodrigo Cuba for having a ‘single life’ while with Ale Venturo. (ATVs)

This October 05, Magaly Medina he referred to the ampay of Rodrigo Cuba where he is seen dancing very close to a young woman who is not his partner Ale Venturo. The popular ‘Magpie’ took the last few minutes ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ to criticize the footballer’s attitude for showing off at a party and leading a ‘single life’ when his partner is pregnant.

The driver assured that, despite the fact that so far neither the baseball player nor the businesswoman have spoken about it, she has no doubt that the man caught grabbing another woman by the waist is the ‘Cat’ Cuba. For this reason, he described the athlete’s behavior as a lack of respect and betrayal.

“The fact that he with the pregnant woman went to a party where there were girls and danced in such a coquettish way, already seems to me to be disrespectful and a betrayal because he is not a single man. He can’t be making out with women because he’s not a single man, he’s committed and it seems that his level of commitment isn’t that strong. It seems that he wants to live his singleness, that when he is away from Ale Venturo he feels single and falls into temptation, “said the journalist furious.

Likewise, Magaly Medina hinted that Ale Venturo would have planned to get pregnant and it was not by ‘chance’. She even remembered the time she told the couple that their relationship was a “transition”, because both had come out of a romance when they started dating and pointed out that each one was the other’s “cloth of tears”.

“Today, no woman or man gets pregnant if they don’t want to. We all know that. She was already the mother of a girl. For me it was an irresponsible act that she became pregnant so soon after meeting (…) Generally, when one comes out of a loss and is experiencing mourning, sometimes one embarks on a relationship so as not to feel so much pain and what we call tear pads. A nail does not drive out another nail,” she expressed.

“Him disrespecting him publicly because he surely doesn’t have the courage to tell Ale ‘I love you, but I don’t love you, I need a space, I want to live life.’ Men have to be left, they are not caught, ”he added.

Magaly Medina exploded against Rodrigo Cuba for having a 'single life' when he is with Ale Venturo.  (capture)
Magaly Medina exploded against Rodrigo Cuba for having a ‘single life’ when he is with Ale Venturo. (capture)

At another time, the presenter broadcast images of the couple being together in the blonde’s business a day after the broadcast of the ampay of Rodrigo Cuba pointing out that they would have ignored the scandal of a possible infidelity. This did not go unnoticed by the ATV figure, who regretted that Ale Venturo had not taken action on the matter.

“I thought that Ale Venturo, despite her pregnancy, would have enough dignity, self-esteem and pride to get him out of her life, but that is not the case because nothing has happened with her. She ran him through hot water. I think this is going to become a constant,” Medina said.

Finally, he referred to the recent opening of the restaurant Ale Venturo where she was accompanied by the member of Sport Boys. “I don’t know if they’re trying to cover up this scandal by trying to appear together or if they’re just thinking about marketing the restaurant. Ale Venturo doesn’t have to keep up appearances. These things are not forgiven and unapologetic.”

Magaly Medina furious with Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba.  (Capture)
Magaly Medina furious with Ale Venturo and Rodrigo Cuba. (Capture)


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