Magaly Medina assures that she never cried in the arms of Gisela Valcárcel: “I will tell the part of my story”

Magaly Medina furious with Gisela Valcárcel for her latest statements in The Great Show.
Magaly Medina furious with Gisela Valcárcel for her latest statements in The Great Show.

Magaly Medina she was approached by the press when she was fulfilling her civic duty. After making her respective vote, the journalist took the time to respond to the message she sent her Gisela Valcarcel this Saturday, October 1, at the premiere of ‘The big show’. Here the blonde reproached him for having insulted her, even reminding him that on some occasion, the popular “Urraca” cried in his arms.

This statement unnerved the driver of Magaly TV La Firme. At first, he stressed that it is not true, because she has never told him her sorrows, much less she is her friend.

“Poor thing, she is sick in the head, she should check with a good neurologist, I can give her one. Never, she has never (I have cried in her arms) she has never been my confidant. I’m going to tell the part of my story. Remember, I’m the witch… tomorrow (Monday, September 3) wait, I’m not working today, today is election day,” he said. Magali Medina.

The TV presenter also indicated that Gisela Valcarcel She is the most pimped woman on Peruvian television. Likewise, she stressed that she is always aware of her ampays.

“She lives from my ampays, I have said so, she takes note of everything I do, I work for her. It is that she is so hypocritical that woman, she is the biggest pimp on television. Remember what he did to Karla Tarazona, she was breastfeeding her baby and she encouraged Domínguez’s infidelity with Chabelita, that’s the worst pimp and hypocrite that she is, ”he told Trome.

Magaly Medina He also responded to Gisela for saying that her bags will not be taken to her grave. “I will not take the bags to the grave but I use them, she is not going to take anything to the grave either, she should spend it too or she will leave it as an inheritance to her son-in-law,” he said mockingly.

Gisela Valcarcel surprised this October 1 by revealing that Magaly Medina she cried in his arms. He even said that she touched his hand and told him that everything was going to happen.

“You accused me of being a drug addict, that a woman could like me, oblivion does not exist but forgiveness does. One day when I saw you cry and when you approached me crying, and that’s how you introduced yourself, I shook your hand. And I even told you ‘that everything was going to happen’”, said the blonde, who was also encouraged to make a wish for Magaly Medina

“It is time for you to understand that you are doing too much damage and you know, everyone is going to get ahead without you. It is you who is going to pay dearly, it was you who will not be able to sleep peacefully“, said.

“It doesn’t matter what you say about me on Monday or Tuesday, because it’s always going to bounce off the audience. You know, while you scratch and kill, people help. I am excited because you touch a woman, but you know, I do not want to offend you, what I want is to call advertisers to reflection, just as they allow my presence on stage, they allow this, the owners of the channels allow this, “he said the TV host.

Gisela Valcárcel sends a strong message to Magaly Medina. The TV host referred to the attacks she received from the journalist. | America TV


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