Maduro said that he spoke with Lula, Petro and Alberto Fernández to join the ideas proposed by Putin and Xi Jinping

Venezuela Maduro conference

Nicolas Maduro He made clear the world he dreams of: the one they intend to configure Xi Jinping Y Vladimir Putin. A place without freedoms, with repression of minorities and those who think differently from the prevailing power. He made it clear yesterday, within the framework of the annual management report that he offered to the National Assembly chavista. The Venezuelan dictator said that in his eagerness to comply with his wishes “Older brothers” as he described the heads of the Chinese and Russian regimes, respectively, he promised to lead the construction of a political bloc that brings together all Latin America and the Caribbean.

In his speech, when referring to the international level, the Caribbean proposed “advancing in the consolidation of a new regional geopolitics” and “in the construction of the great homeland”. In this sense, he said that the subject was discussed with the president Lula da Silva (Brazil), with Gustavo Petro (Colombia) and with Alberto Fernandez (Argentina).

“I was talking about it with Lula on the phone the other day, personally with President Gustavo Petro, I was talking about it with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández. A new time is coming, a special time to join the efforts and paths of Latin America and the Caribbean to advance in the formation of a powerful block of political forces, of economic power that speaks to the world”, said the Venezuelan dictator.

Ripe He also indicated that his idea is that this “political bloc” be an ally of Xi and of putintheir “Older brothers”. “A bloc that invites the world to integrate, to build new poles of power. Of that community of shared destiny that our older brother, President Xi Jinping, speaks of.. Humanity as a community of shared destiny. or of that multipolar, multicentric world spoken by our older brother President Vladimir Putin. For that world to arrive, a united, advanced Latin American, Caribbean bloc is needed”.

Venezuela takes the lead in the battle for the construction of that world of a great homeland. Of that independent and sovereign force that will bring more progress and prosperity to our country and to the entire Latin American and Caribbean continent”, concluded the Venezuelan dictator.

no internal dialogue

The regime of Ripe again conditioned the continuation of the negotiations with the opposition, resumed in Mexico last November, to the release by the United States of more than 3 billion dollars frozen by the sanctions.

“We are waiting for the United States Government of America keep your word and release the resources of the $3.15 billion signed with the unitary platform, with the participation of the Government of the United States of America. We are waiting for that deposit, then, to continue the talks, so that they are valid, ”said the Venezuelan dictator this Thursday.

During his rendering of accounts before the questioned National Assembly Chavista, Maduro recalled that, on November 26 of last year, the official delegation in the dialogue in Mexico, headed by Jorge Rodríguez, signed a social agreement with the opposition to “rescue 3,150 million dollars.” According to the Venezuelan dictator, part of these resources will be invested to improve basic services, among which he mentioned water and electricity, in addition to school and health infrastructure. Promises that he has made since he came to power in 2013 and that remain unfulfilled.

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