made concessions several times

Senior expert of the Institute of Energy and Finance Sergei Kondratiev In an interview with Pravda.Ru, he spoke about Gazprom’s threat to stop gas supplies to Moldova in case of non-payment.

Kondratiev noted that Moldova found itself in a very difficult situation through the fault of its government. Attempts to find alternative suppliers led to the fact that the contract with Gazprom was signed, but on terms less attractive to Moldova than the Russian company originally offered.

“The problem is that the prices for gas in Moldova are already very high, for retail consumers they exceed a thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters. At the same time, Moldova is a very poor country and, again, with a very high seasonality of gas consumption in winter by boiler houses, the population for heating,” the expert explained.

Kondratiev believes that the population of Moldova will not be able to fully pay for gas, and accordingly, it will not be possible to pay for gas supplies from Russia without attracting some third-party resources, third-party financing.

“Gazprom made several concessions to the Moldovan side, for example, extending the grace periods, agreeing to postpone the payment of the advance, and so on. Now, if Gazprom strictly adheres to the contract, Moldova may indeed face the fact that Gazprom will either limit the supply of gas, or stop the supply,” the power engineer said.

He noted that there is a high demand for gas in Europe, so Gazprom can use this situation and supply gas to other countries via the Ukrainian route.

Former military expert Vasily Dandykin explained why Russia not profitable to invest for the repair of the Nord Stream.

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