Lyudmila Porgina was put out of the court door

Porgina came to court as a witness.  She is from the support group of Alexandra Zakharova.  Photo: Dmitry Lifantsev

Porgina came to court as a witness. She is from the support group of Alexandra Zakharova. Photo: Dmitry Lifantsev

KP.RU wrote more than once that the daughter of the legendary director Mark Zakharova trying through the court get the rights to the performances director father.

Mark Zakharov led Lenkom for 46 years. Over the years, he has staged dozens of performances, many of which are, without exaggeration, masterpieces. Because of his four performances, all the fuss flared up: “Jester Balakirev”, “Royal Games”, “The Marriage of Figaro”, “Memorial Prayer”. Alexandra Markovna wants to prove that the copyrights to them belong to her, as the only heir, and not to the theater, and even more so not to the producer – a certain Valery Yanklovich, who financed Lenkom’s productions.

On September 26, a regular session was held in the Tverskoy Court. As the parties waited for the trial to begin, familiar faces buzzed in the hallway. Among the well-known are actress Alexandra Zakharova, journalist Andrei Karaulov (he did not leave the country, as some Telegram channels wrote), and the widow of Nikolai Karachentsov, actress Lyudmila Porgina. Lyudmila Andreevna recalled aloud how good it was at Lenkom once.

“We used to have a small stage, a ballet hall, a music hall. And now – only dry cleaners and laundries, and also a restaurant. Took everything away. At least he would return the small stage (apparently, it was about Varshaver – director of the theater – Ed.). No, he needs to conquer the whole theater. I can’t even imagine that Varshaver loves Sasha (Zakharova), loves the theater, loves the performances of Mark Anatolyevich.

Porgina came to court as a witness. She is from the support group of Alexandra Zakharova.

“Sasha, you have been robbed all these years,” Karaulov set up, he acted as a public defender of Alexandra Markovna, who silently nodded her head.

The process is theatrical, eccentric, sometimes strange people take part in it. As Oleg Tabakov said: theater is a fun business.

Lyudmila Porgina was put out of the court door

Lyudmila Porgina was put out of the court door

A photo: Anastasia PLESHAKOV

– Do not dare to print my image, I will sue you, – suddenly, as if from a doorway, some woman 50+ ran into me.

To my question: why should I shoot her and who is she in general, the angry woman said that she was a “professional lawyer” of Alexandra Zakharova. With such defenders, there is no need for enemies. The fact that Lyudmila Porgina will act as a witness, Zakharova’s lawyer petitioned when the meeting had already begun:

– Lyudmila Porgina – Honored Artist of Russia, widow of Nikolai Karachentsov. She is a friend of Mark Zakharov, the only one who was on friendly terms with him for many years …

– That’s understandable, but why is your witness in the courtroom? – the judge was amazed and sent Porgina out the door for a gross violation of the procedure: a witness cannot be a listener at the same time at the trial, it is strange that a “professional lawyer” did not know this.

– And in general, what can your Orgina clarify? Or Morgina? – the judge seems to have heard the name of the honored artist for the first time.

– Porgina…

“Very well: letting Porgin in. Who is she? Does she work in the theatre?

It turned out that it has been working for half a century. But few people know about this.

Following Porgina out the door was sent “an independent copyright specialist, associate professor at the private Griboyedov University”, a certain Vitko. He was also invited by Zakharova’s lawyers.

– I would listen to specialists from the Russian Authors’ Society, and not from a private university, – said the judge. To which Andrey Karaulov said that it was almost impossible: specialists from the RAO are too expensive – “half a million rolled out.”

At the last meeting, it was about the mysterious passports for the performances of Mark Zakharov. The judge asked to bring them, hoping that the passports have the answer to many questions.

Passports were brought. It turned out that this is a purely technical document, how the scenery was assembled, there are even a few words about the welders. But not a word about how and by whom the copyright for the performances arose.

The theater has an employment contract with Mark Zakharov. But an employment contract and copyright are two different things. Alexandra Markovna says that since her father became the artistic director of Lenkom (since 1987, before that he was the chief director), he was responsible for the general line. Performances, he could stage, but he might not stage – as he wanted, it was his good will, not a duty. Therefore, there should be a separate contract for performances with clarifications regarding copyrights and payments, as well as the possibility of banning rentals. It is a pity that the director of the theater Mark Varshaver has not yet come to court. He knows exactly on what (financial) terms contracts were concluded with Zakharov. None of the parties presented documents confirming the rights of “Lenkom” or, conversely, the rights of Mark Zakharov to performances.

“Unfortunately, after the death of Mark Zakharov, many documents were lost,” Alexandra Zakharova’s lawyer said. Who lost it and when? Mark Zakharov died just three years ago. – Where are the contracts under which he was paid a fee for staging performances? But, of course, it’s not about money … Alexandra Markovna is the owner of her father’s intellectual property. She wants a report on how the theater uses her rights.

At this meeting, Alexandra Zakharova did not receive any report. Let’s see if he gets it in a week.

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