Lyman and Bakhmut are key points in the battle for Donbass

Newspaper New York Times writes about the tangible losses of the “exhausted” Armed Forces of Ukraine near Liman in the Kramatorsk district of the Donetsk region.

The US publication reports that the initiative in Ukraine belongs to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the confrontation has become protracted due to the equal forces of the opponents.

The authors of the publication call Liman and Bakhmut key points in the battle for Donbass.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are striving to seize the Liman railway junction, which is important for the supply of the RF Armed Forces, and the Russians are advancing on Bakhmut. If the Russian army manages to take Bakhmut, it will receive a foothold for attacks on Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

The leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admits that even HIMARS systems are not able to cause critical damage to Russian supply routes. The article makes an assumption that the Russian Federation has adapted to Western weapons and better hides ammunition depots.

In Bakhmut, the RF Armed Forces are attacking in two directions. The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in an exhausted state, they are under fire from the east and south and suffer significant losses.

Earlier it was reported that the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine recognized uselessness of HIMARS in the battles for Artyomovsk.

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