Luisito Comunica returns to Instagram and causes a stir by dressing up as “Joker”

These are the latest updates from Luisito Comunica on Instagram.  (Infobae / Jovani Pérez)
These are the latest updates from Luisito Comunica on Instagram. (Infobae / Jovani Pérez)

Luisito Communicates has become the most well-known influencer in Mexico due to his channel of Youtube homonym where he shows his 39 million fans the adventures he lives in various parts of the world.

Although he doesn’t update his posts as often Instagramin this social network of photos and videos also captures the attention of the more than 32.4 million followers.

In his last post, the “Pimpollo” laughed out loud when sharing two images of him disguised as one of the Batman villains, jokerwith a caption that reads: “You answering his ‘hello, a favor’ after the 6 little fires you reacted to him”.

The photo has already exceeded 800 thousand “likes” and has generated various comments from other influencers, such as his girlfriend Ari Tenorio, Korean Jeks, Mike Almanza and more, who have taken the opportunity to bring to the discussion the nicknames “El Jokes” and “El Risas” that at the time caused the Castilianization of the film starring Joaquín Phoenix in 2019.

Here are the latest posts by Luisito Comunica on Instagram:

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, better known as Luisito Comunica, is a Mexican youtuber and businessman originally from Pueblawho was born on March 20, 1991.

Graduated from the Communication Sciences degree at the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla and, before venturing into YouTube, he was an English teacher in his homeland.

Luisito Comunica started uploading piano tutorials on the platform YouTube in 2007, with a channel called Piano for Cool People, later renamed LouieArtie.

Luisito Comunica’s popularity came in 2012, when he joined the NoMeRevientes YouTube team, and that same year he created a new YouTube channel called Luisito Comunica.

Luisito Comunica’s channel contains varied content, from interviews with random people on the streets, video blogs of his life as a provincial in Mexico Citythen his experiences in various countries of the world, mini documentaries and even visiting supermarkets from different countries.

Luisito Comunica’s channel is one of the largest in the world and without a doubt the most important YouTuber in Mexico, with 38 million subscribers and over 7 billion views.

Luisito Comunica also has a podcast with his best friend, youtuber Berth Oh, called En Cortinillas, where they have more than a million subscribers and more than 100 million views, where they have interviewed various characters such as the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

Outside the internet, Luisito Comunica worked as part of the casting of the film dedicated to my ex and as a dubbing actor for the feature film Sonic.

Luisito Comunica during a red carpet.  (PHOTO: ROGELIO MORALES / CUARTOSCURO.COM)
Luisito Comunica during a red carpet. (PHOTO: ROGELIO MORALES / CUARTOSCURO.COM)

Like several youtubers, Luisito Comunica ventured as a writer and published his first book entitled amazing placeswhich reached the first places of sale in several bookstores.

He also starred in the Youtube documentary Originals; Isolated: A Documentary in Quarantine together with fellow youtuber Juanpa Zurita, recounting the confinement due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Beyond the world of entertainment, Luisito Comunica has his own mobile phone company under the name of “PilloFon”, as well as its brand of tamarind-flavored tequila called El Gran Malo, it also has a clothing line called “The Pigeon King” and two restaurants, one for hamburgers called Fasfú Burgers and another for Japanese, Mexican and Chinese fusion cuisine, called “Bolichera 21″.

Luisito Comunica has been nominated for and won several awards such as the Eliot Awards, the MTV Millennial Awards, and the Kids Choice Awards Mexico.


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