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Pilots German airline Lufthansa voted overwhelmingly to go on strike over wages. About this on Sunday, July 31, informed the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), specifying that strike actions can still be avoided.

VC is demanding a 5.5 percent increase in pilot wages this year, as well as automatic salary indexation in line with inflation starting next year. According to the union, the leadership for six rounds of negotiations has not made a proposal that could be the subject of discussion.

The VC report said that 97.6 percent of the pilots who took part in the vote supported this requirement. The vote does not necessarily mean a strike will take place, but sends an “unmistakable signal” to Lufthansa to take the airline’s pilots’ needs seriously, said VC board member Marcel Gröls.

Lufthansa ground personnel strike

Wednesday, July 27 one day strike announced Lufthansa ground personnel, whose duties include handling passengers, baggage and cargo, aircraft maintenance and towing. As a result, more than 1,000 flights were canceled and the plans of about 134,000 passengers were disrupted.

The reason for the protest organized by the Verdi trade union, there was a lack of progress in negotiations with the carrier regarding a salary increase for 20,000 employees of ground services. The union demanded a 9.5 percent increase in their wages within twelve months and a minimum hourly wage of 13 euros.

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