Lucas Pusineri still regrets the death of the Colombian Andrés Balanta: “it will last in our memory forever”

Coach Lucas Pusineri was in Cali, accompanying Andrés Balanta's family at his funeral.  / (Courtesy El País)
Coach Lucas Pusineri was in Cali, accompanying Andrés Balanta’s family at his funeral. / (Courtesy El País)

The world of soccer still remembers Andrés Balanta, a Colombian midfielder who died on November 29, 2022 in Argentina, after he suffered a heart condition in full training. Over the weeks, different reactions to the case have been known, highlighting that of Lucas Pusineri, as the Atlético Tucumán coach confessed that he still hurts the midfielder’s departure in the ‘Dean’ awnings.

The Argentine eleventh is preparing for the start of the 2023 season, as while some friendly matches are being played, the entire squad seeks to consolidate the pieces for the match at the end of January against Boca Juniors at La Bombonera. In the midst of all this context, it has been a difficult year to start within the team, since the death of Andrés Balanta marked a before and after.

Pusineri spoke with TyC Sports about his role in the funeral of the coffee midfielder, taking into account that the Argentine strategist traveled to Colombia and attended the funeral, after Balanta’s body was repatriated. On the subject, he explained:

“These are very complicated moments in my life in particular, where we have experienced a misfortune, a fatality and that will last in our memory forever. I felt a moral commitment, a human commitment to be able to accompany Andrés and to be able, minimally, to do everything possible for him to be with his people, with his family”.

One of the facilitators of the arrival of the former Cali player to guacho territory was Lucas Pusineri himself, who directed him when he was in charge of the sugar team in Colombia. The fact of having accompanied the player’s family was highlighted by many people and praised by the Valle del Cauca fans, a situation that the Argentine helmsman is grateful for, assuring that he felt the commitment to attend the ceremony.

“Well, I felt many messages of appreciation for the subject or for the gesture, which for me was something that I needed to be able to do, and it is true; I needed that commitment, or that human gesture as part of the moral commitment as the leader of the group, to be able to take him back to his land and with his people”, he stated.

Both at Deportivo Cali and Atlético Tucumán, Balanta was characterized by showing a cheerful personality, these qualities were highlighted by the coach, as he explained that the player’s legacy marked not only him, but also the entire team, who still they remember it.

“That does not mean that we, and in my mind and in the minds of all of us who were there, of his colleagues, have an indelible memory of someone who left us a legacy of great happiness, and that is the legacy of memory. that we will keep him during our eternity, from a companion that we are going to miss him a lot as we are doing today, ”he said before the aforementioned media outlet.

It should be noted that, after the death of the player, the Argentine team highlighted the main qualities of Balanta, who tirelessly demonstrated his value as a person and professional. For Atlético Tucumán, that fateful event became the beginning of an unbreakable bond between the two teams, as they went to the clubs where the young player added minutes.

“Words are not enough to describe how sorry we Tucumans feel for the sad and early farewell to an exemplary professional and, above all, a most excellent person. We accompany the pain of the sugar town and we make ourselves at your entire disposal. The memory of Andrés will unite our institutions forever. Without another particular, we send you a big hug “they expressed in a letter sent to Deportivo Cali.

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