Losk abolished VAT on energy was from Schillers unfinished, that no one will replenish Business

The decision was found to be infinite for contradiction with the tax and the first EU. The forgiven tax cost the public about 5.4 billion crowns, the ministry said.

The inquiry commission was mainly bothered by the reasoning of the sharp rise in energy prices alone, as it did not consider it an extraordinary event. For this event, the main disasters are mainly natural disasters, such as the tornado of another Moravia, covidov and other epidemics, the introduction of conflicts, the spread of the industrial accident, etc., which is the case in the first place.

Experts considered a contradiction with the first European Union setting a minimum VAT rate as a kind of reason for the abolition of the so-called general pardon. The reduced rate for gas and electricity supply should generally not be less than five percent, in particular in the case of the Czech Republic not less than ten percent.

I would like to emphasize that the abolition of the welfare measure by the former Minister of Finance was not a recent politically motivated decision, but as a result of a transparent examination, the commission’s appeals did not depend on it. She discussed the external initiative of the first person, while the Minister of Finance is finally obliged to deal with any such initiative, to the Minister of Finance Zbynk Stanjura.

It will not be replenished

But I want to reassure everyone that neither the citizens nor the companies with this decision will be obliged to add anything back to anyone, he added.

The original decision to forgive the tax is revoked with the first consequences and from the date of the first power decision in the examination woman. In fact, there will be no change in VAT obligations for November and December.

Thus, Da’s subjects will not be obliged to file e.g. additional tax returns for November, December and the fourth quarter of 2021, as well as no additional claim for tax deduction. The consumer will therefore not have to refund it forgiven VAT. Thus, in the field of ethnicity, the original decision was repealed, and no further additions were made.

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