“Looks like a provocation.” What threatens the Norwegian consul for public Russophobic statements?

The Consul for Administrative Affairs of the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk, Elisabet Ellingsen, made a scandal in the hotel.

The Consul for Administrative Affairs of the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk, Elisabet Ellingsen, made a scandal in the hotel.

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The scandal took place in the Azimut Hotel in Murmansk and the scene of the conflict was caught on video. On the recording, you can see and hear how the Consul for Administrative Affairs of the Norwegian Consulate General in Murmansk, Elisabet Ellingsen yelling loudly at the hotel staff at the reception. The guest either did not want to wait until the room was cleaned, or she was not satisfied with the cleaning. Neither, however, exempts from responsibility for such words. And she said the following:

– I hate Russians. Just give me a number, I’ll stand here until I get a number. How disgusting, how do you decide that the room is clean? I’m used to clean rooms, I’m from Scandinavia. Not some Russian woman who cleans up anyhow. This is not cleaning. Can I even sleep in this bed? This hotel is a disgrace. And you people, in general, are also a shame!

Together with experts on the air of Radio KP, we discussed what punishment a diplomatic officer from Scandinavia could face?

– This Norwegian has diplomatic immunity, – told us lawyer, specialist in civil and international law Maria Yarmush. – The Russian Federation signed the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. Knowing this, the Norwegian simply insulted the Russians, violated Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, while acting maliciously. But she knew about her impunity. Because diplomatic workers have immunity, privileges, they cannot be brought to administrative and criminal liability, with the exception of serious crimes, such as murder. Did it in public. And she knew what resonance her behavior would cause. Most likely, she even expects that from the EU countries, from Norway, she received bonuses and additional leave for her behavior. You can also say that a woman completely lacks any upbringing and good manners.

Will her expulsion follow this outburst of emotion?


It depends on the general situation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will decide whether this boorish person should be declared persona non grata. Because the reciprocal diplomatic step is the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Norway. This information is being carefully reviewed. I do not rule out that she may be expelled. It is the sovereign right of the host country – the Russian Federation – to declare any diplomat persona non grata and send her home, where she will receive her vacation, bonuses and everything else. There is no place for such people in the Russian Federation.

Most likely, a criminal case will be initiated, and she will most likely be withdrawn, – Joins our conversation expert of the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies Vladimir Bruter.

Or they’ll send her out. I think the Norwegians don’t want her to be expelled, so they will try to replace her as soon as this episode gets underway.

What are the political implications of this scandal? Especially against the background of the deterioration of our relations with a number of partners in the West?


– Diplomats can’t behave like that. Russian diplomats don’t behave like that. I think that this is her so-called “Forrestal complex”, the American Secretary of Defense, who shouts “The Russians are coming!” jumped out of the window. She inflamed and inflamed herself so much that her behavior became inadequate, obvious mental problems appeared. She just couldn’t contain herself.

But people with an unstable psyche are not hired for diplomatic work?


– Mentally inadequate people are also not taken to ministers of defense. However, Forrestal worked for them. I think that she was just so inflamed and inflamed, she dislikes Russians so much that it was enough for her to have a self-invented reason to start behaving like that. And more precisely, this will reveal the consequence.

Elisabeth Ellingsen, apparently, complained about the dirt in the room. Tried to clarify the situation. Tatyana Gostenina, Vice President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, hotel classification expert:

– Of course, we, hoteliers, believe that the client is always right, on the one hand. And on the other hand, of course, we understand that there are capricious customers, customers with excessive demands. For me it looks like a provocation. It can’t be that they settled in a dirty room. If this is a hotel of a normal level, and the consul is unlikely to check into a hotel of a level below five, four, three stars, there are programs everywhere that allow you to properly check in a guest. When a guest leaves, it happens before 12:00, check-in takes place after 14:00. Always, even if a person left at noon or a little later, there is time for cleaning. And the room cannot by definition be rented dirty. Because the computer program won’t allow it. If the client arrives earlier than the time indicated in the rules of the hotel, as a rule, the guest is asked to wait in a restaurant or bar. And he is provided with a free cocktail, tea, coffee, depending on the choice. Then it is settled. There is some element of inconsistency here. On the one hand, the overestimated and obviously unfriendly attitude of the client to the place of residence. And on the other hand, apparently, there is still some inability to resolve this conflict or prevent it on the part of the administration.

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