“Looking for a kindergarten for a child abroad”

Singer Sergei Shnurovwho was spotted with his pregnant wife Olga Zakharova in Switzerland, according to Stas Baretskydoes not intend to return to Russia.

The spouses were photographed by a guest hotels in Switzerland.

Former member of the Leningrad group Stas Baretsky is sure that Shnurov decided to emigrate.

“I don’t know the reasons, but there have been such conversations for a long time. Now he is looking for a kindergarten for a child abroad,” said the outrageous artist.

The showman believes that emigration will not prevent Shnurov from successfully continuing his musical career in his homeland.

“He will live there, work here. I don’t see any problems in this. As long as social networks have not been cut off, in principle, vidos can be uploaded. Well, he will perform there, why not,” Baretsky expressed his point of view.

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