“Look what’s going on in my house!”

Throwing a moldy shoe at the mayor of Uglegorsk ended the meeting with the governor on Sakhalin. The woman who attacked the head of the city explained the motives of her act.

During a meeting with the Governor Valery Limarenko Lyudmila Anikeeva complained that the mayor of the Uglegorsk district Dmitry Tsukanov for several years he has been offering her to change the emergency house for an even more emergency one.

The woman has a court decision, according to which the administration must provide her with suitable housing, but this order has not been implemented.

The governor advised Anikeeva to write a statement to the prosecutor’s office, to which the woman replied that the prosecutor was already aware of her case.

The last argument of the woman was a moldy boot, which she launched at Tsukanov.

“Look what’s going on in my house!” shouted a resident of Sakhalin at the moment of the throw.

The woman is already giving an explanation to law enforcement officials.

Earlier it was reported that the pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Sakhalin ruined the Z-banner with a knife with the slogan “We do not abandon our own.”

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