Loboda’s children dream of returning to Russia

Svetlana Loboda.

Svetlana Loboda.

Svetlana Loboda left Moscow immediately after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. The singer condemned the actions of the Russian authorities and emigrated to Latvia. The artist said that she was not going to return to Russia, and even “does not allow the thought of it.” Loboda stated this in an interview she gave to Georgian journalist Noe Sulaberidze.

– I do not see the possibility of even thinking about returning to Moscow and living in Russia. This is out of the question, – Loboda emphasized.

At the same time, the singer admitted that her daughters Tilda and Eva asked her to return to Russia, but she had to refuse them. The girls really miss their friends in Moscow and have a hard time adjusting to life in Latvia. Svetlana complained that her children had a hard time adapting to life abroad. Loboda had to explain to her eldest daughter Eva why she could no longer see her Russian friends.

– It is very difficult, children generally find it difficult to adapt to a new reality. I talked to her a lot about it. Explained why we couldn’t stay. She hears me, understands and supports me, but it is very difficult for her. She says: “Mom, I really miss my friends,” says Loboda.

The youngest daughter of the singer, four-year-old Tilda, also misses her usual life and asks why they left.

“I tell her that we are traveling the world, seeing different places, that I want her to meet different children,” Loboda said.

The singer complained that her daughters are having a hard time adapting to life in exile.  Photo: social networks.

The singer complained that her daughters are having a hard time adapting to life in exile. Photo: social networks.

The singer will not be able to return to Russia, even with all her desire. In April, the Russian authorities banned Loboda from entering the country for the next 50 years. In her native Ukraine, the singer is also not favored – she was reminded of her performances in Russia and the millions in fees that she received in our country.

Now Svetlana lives in Jurmala. She enrolled her eldest daughter in the elite international school Exupery in Riga. Exupery is the most expensive school in Latvia. Loboda will pay 15,000 euros (about a million rubles) for Evangelina’s year of study there. Plus, new students need to pay an entrance fee – one and a half thousand euros (about one hundred thousand rubles). In addition, Svetlana will pay for food, mugs, and a school bus.

Teaching is conducted in English. In addition, children learn Latvian, Russian and French. Teachers from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Costa Rica work at the school. The educational institution is located outside the city, a 15-minute drive from Riga and Jurmala.

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