Lithuania offered to provide Kyiv with weapons on the principle of “everything that is”

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Landsbergis proposed to provide Kyiv with weapons on the principle of "everything that is"

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis called on NATO allies to provide military assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from existing stocks on the principle of “everything that is.” The diplomat assured that Vilnius has always provided weapons to Kyiv, guided by this logic. Landsbergis noted that the Ukrainian army is capable of “recapturing” territories controlled by the Russian Armed Forces with the help of Javelin, Stinger and other rocket launchers. According to the diplomat, the use of established arguments is no longer relevant.

Lithuania has always defended the position at all possible levels that Ukraine needs “everything we have”, without giving any arguments like we are just giving Javelins and Stingers and maybe something else. It became clear that the Ukrainian army is capable of successfully reclaiming territories using NATO-standard weapons. Now we are at the point where the previously used arguments are no longer relevant, ” Landsbergis said in an interview with Ukrinform.

The head of the department noted that allies in the military-political bloc can no longer justify refusals to supply weapons by the complexity of training in the use of guns. Landsbergis believes that the “debate” on this topic is already groundless.

And if this is so, I see no reason why Ukraine should not be provided with everything we have? I have already spoken about this more than once and now I will repeat that all our stocks must be opened for the Ukrainian army, ” the diplomat stressed.

At the same time, Landsbergis noted that platforms have already been created for training the Armed Forces of Ukraine in many EU countries. According to the diplomat, every European country is now participating in the training of Ukrainian soldiers.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at an extraordinary meeting with the national directors of the countries of the Alliance for armaments discussed the replenishment of stockpiles of weapons depleted by supplies to Ukraine. As stated in a statement released by the bloc’s press service, the head of the Alliance urged to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.

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