Lithuania confirmed preparations for the second attempt to blockade Kaliningrad

The Minister of Communications and Transport of Lithuania, Marius Skuodis, essentially confirmed the preparation of the authorities of this country for another attempt to stop transit to the Kaliningrad region. This time, under the pretext of problems with payment for the transportation of Russian goods.

So far, Marius Skuodis does not assert anything, but assumes. According to him, a scenario with a transit stop is possible after Lithuania receives a note from Russia on a possible stop of payments for Kaliningrad transit, reports Rubaltic. Ru. The Lithuanian minister said that the Russian side had notified about this a few days ago.

“The state cannot oblige commercial banks in any way, and it is here that everything depends on their own decision. But I cannot imagine that companies can provide services if they are not paid,” Skuodis emphasized, noting that in this situation everything depends from the responsibility of the customer. That is, the Russian side.

To Russia, according to the minister, and it is necessary to address questions about payment.

Recall that earlier Moscow sent a note to the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry due to the fact that the Lithuanian “Siauliai Bank” announced the termination of work with Russia from September 1. All operations on payment for Kaliningrad transit are currently “closed” to this bank.

At the end of July, Russian Charge d’Affaires in Lithuania Sergei Ryabokon announced that he had handed over a note regarding the decision of Siauliai Bank and called for the issue to be resolved by September 1.

But judging by the statement of the Lithuanian minister, the authorities of this country are not going to resolve the issue under the pretext of non-interference in the activities of commercial banks. Although, for example, when it comes to anti-Russian sanctions, the Lithuanian authorities are quite ready to interfere in the activities of commercial organizations.

Recall that in mid-June, Lithuania imposed restrictions on the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region, citing EU sanctions. The transit of building materials, cement and other goods was restricted. Since August, it was supposed to introduce restrictions on oil supplies.

The European Commission hastily developed clarifications regarding the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region. In mid-July, Lithuania lifted the restrictions. Although among the local politicians there are quite a lot of those who consider what happened to be a kind of “defeat”. So there are enough people who want to try once again to introduce restrictions on transit in Lithuania.

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