Lionel Messi’s fury against a player from the Netherlands after Argentina’s classification: “What do you look at, silly”

Messi taken out “what are you looking at, silly”

After the victory on penalties of the Argentine national team in view of Netherlands, Lionel Messi He was the protagonist of a moment rarely seen in which he crossed paths with Wout Weghorst, the Dutch footballer who scored two goals for the European team. The Argentine captain was in the middle of an interview with TyC Sports when he exchanged words with -as it turned out later- the striker: “What are you looking at, silly, what are you looking at, silly, go, go there silly, go there”, released the Ten, completely enraged with the former player who shone at Ajax and Juventus. An attitude rarely seen in The fleausually more respectful in this type of context.

The truth is that on social networks they celebrated their comments because “what are you looking at silly” trended immediately, even before it became known that his comments were directed at Weghorst. It is that the 35-year-old from Rosario lived a very special match against Van Gaal, whom after the meeting he described as “selling smoke”. Even the official transmission was able to capture the moment in which Messi He approached the bench for the substitutes of the European team, gestured against edgar davids and accused him of having talked too much during the game.

In turn, when he scored his penalty goal, for the partial 2-0 of the Albiceleste, the PSG forward ran towards the Dutch substitute bench, put his hands behind his ears and did the traditional “Topollillo”. In the transmission of the game it was not possible to appreciate who that gesture had been towards, but from the photographs taken on the field it was possible to see that it was directed to the orange bench.

The tension between the players of both teams during the game was experienced at all times. Even in the complement there was an infringement by Leandro Paredes that caused a small brawl that ended with the Argentine player being reprimanded. In turn, the anger between the athletes was such that when Lautaro Martínez scored the fifth penalty in the series, Nicolás Otamendi, Alexis MacAllister and Gonzalo Montiel ran to shout in the face of the Dutch, who were collapsing on the pitch.

The Argentine players mocking the Dutch after the definition by penalties (Reuters)
The Argentine players mocking the Dutch after the definition by penalties (Reuters)

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