Lionel Messi spoke after Argentina’s defeat: “Let people trust”

Statements by Lionel Messi – Argentina Saudi Arabia – World Cup Qatar 2022

Lionel Messi spoke after the surprise fall 2 to 1 of the Argentina against Saudi Arabia in the Qatar World Cup and although he recognized that the team lost due to their own mistakes, he was confident that they could beat Mexico and Poland in the next two games in Group C.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been through a situation like this, so we have to be more united than ever, there are 2 games left, we have to prepare what’s to come and think about ourselves,” said the captain and scorer of the only goal for the Albiceleste. It should be noted that The flea He had emphasized in the preview on the importance of the first game and that the Asian team could present difficulties.

Regarding the three offside goals, he declared: “We knew that it was a team that if you let it play, it would play well, it had good players and it would go up the line a lot, that’s why we had a lot of goals cancelled, maybe we’d speed up a bit.” little and we couldn’t find the right moment to avoid falling into the trap because they shoot the line well. But we knew they could do that.” And he added: “Having so much space you see it easy and you end up getting into offisde.”

Beyond the logical anger, Messi He was sure that they are capable of getting the six points: “I tell people to trust, that this group is not going to let them down.” It is that the captain chose to raise his head before each question and stressed that the group will be able to face such adversity, without a doubt the greatest it has faced: “More united than ever, as this group has been demonstrating, it is strong in that way and now more than ever. It’s been a long time since we had such a hard blow and now we have to show that it’s a real group”.

Lionel Messi scored the first goal but could not give Argentina the victory (Reuters)
Lionel Messi scored the first goal but could not give Argentina the victory (Reuters)

The best sentences:

“We didn’t find how it worked well and we started throwing centers desperately.”

“We had a couple of situations… including the goals that were very fair because they played the line well and then after 5 minutes of our mistakes we went 2-1 down and it went uphill, we started to mess up and throw many crosses ”.

“If they were annulled it is because they were surely offside.”

“It’s a very hard blow for everyone because we didn’t expect to start this way, but things happen for a reason and you have to prepare what’s coming. We have to win or win now, but it’s up to us.”

“We have to go back to the base of who we are.”

“I’m hurt by the result, a very big bitterness, but beyond that you have to think about what’s to come.”

“My ankle is fine.”

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