Lilly Téllez launched again against Claudia Sheinbaum

Lilly Téllez struck down Claudia Sheinbaum for allegedly campaigning in Tabasco (Darkroom)
Lilly Téllez struck down Claudia Sheinbaum for allegedly campaigning in Tabasco (Darkroom)

The senator of the National Action Party (PAN), Lilly Tellez, again attacked the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, for visiting the state of Tabasco, the entity where the president is from Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). According to the legislator, the presence of the capital chief in southern lands was a campaign act that made clear her relationship with the Tabasco president.

“Kiss the earth that his messiah treads on, remains in ecstasy under the sky that saw him born, elevates his campaign phrase to philosophical rank And he gets mad because I call him Juanita!”the panista published on her Twitter account.

And it is that, since the head of Mexico City has commented on several occasions her wishes to participate in the candidacy for the presidency for the 2024 elections, you criticize her for being of the favorite “corcholatas” of the country’s president have not stopped by the opposition side.

In fact, the seized comments of legislator Téllez towards the head of the capital have been unleashed since the march called by President López Obrador was held on November 27, where the senator defined Sheinbaum as the “submissive ‘Juanita’ of AMLO”and who, according to the PAN member, will beat him in the presidential race.

“In 4 years, AMLO became “The President of poverty”. 40% of citizens cannot buy even the basic food basket. Get ready everyone: I’m going to beat the submissive “Juanita” of AMLO, and In my government, Mexico will no longer be the factory for the poor of morena.”, mentioned the panista from her profile on Twitter.

According to the blue and white, the head of the capital supports “the ruthless economic policy” that has increased poverty in the country with the rise in prices since the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) came to power at the hands of President Andrés Manuel.

The criticisms and attacks by the PAN senator add to the endless list of complaints and accusations from the opposition side towards the head of government for alleged anticipated campaigns. Recently the favorite “corcholata” for the presidency has been highly questioned for promoting her candidacy almost two years after the electoral contest.

The National Electoral Institute (INE) issued a complaint to Claudia Sheinbaum for unconstitutional political propaganda for advertising on fences with the legend #EsClaudia. According to the electoral body, these announcements promote the head of government in advance, for which reason she ordered the head of government to publish a letter in which she pointed out her demarcation from these actions.

Statement by Claudia Sheinbaum where she exposed the INE orders (Twitter)
Statement by Claudia Sheinbaum where she exposed the INE orders (Twitter)

The controversy reached the ears of the president of the country who exploded against the INE for alleged censorshipto the capital boss. The Tabasco president explained that the orders of the Electoral Institute towards Sheinbaum violate the Constitution.

“Evidently they are violating articles 6 and 7 but since the INE does not touch itself, they are the untouchables of the power mafia, they are protected and even the conservatives have marches to protect this type of flagrant violations to the Constitution”, mentioned Andrés Manuel in his morning conference.

For her part, the chief of the capital indicated that she will issue a complaint against the electoral body for violating her rights by ordering it to publish a letter under her authorship without her approval. And it is that, according to Sheinbaum, these complaints and attacks are the result of an enmity with what La 4T represents. ““It costs them a lot, a lot, work to think that a woman is up in the polls and, furthermore, they are against everything that the Fourth Transformation represents,” said the head of government.


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