Lilia Paredes will face a request for 36 months of preventive detention at a hearing on March 9

The wife of former president Pedro Castillo lives in Mexico.  (CNN)
The wife of former president Pedro Castillo lives in Mexico. (CNN)

The Judiciary will evaluate in the coming weeks the tax request against lilia paredesformer first lady, for his retention in preventive detention for a period of 36 months.

The Public Ministry, which is investigating her as a member of an alleged criminal organization, requested this measure against the wife of Pedro Castillo and his brothers, Walter and David Paredesfor the case known as “Anguía”.

In this context, the Judge Raúl Justiniano ordered that the hearing be in person on Thursday, March 9, at ten in the morning, at the judicial headquarters located on the seventh block of Avenida Tacna in downtown Lima.

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A few days ago, the prosecutor Jorge Garcia Juarez supported his request against the family after the initial withdrawal, by the Prosecutor’s Office, to request a warrant of appearance with restrictions and impediment to leave the country, for three years, against those mentioned.

Lilia Paredes currently resides in Mexicoafter receiving political asylum from the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, since the end of December 2022. His two children live in the same situation with the former president.

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Paredes and his firstborn remained in the embassy of the neighboring country, in Peru, for twelve days before their trip. The expelled Mexican ambassador, Pablo Monroy, revealed that during that period the three direct relatives of Terrones Castle they were assisted.

The Chotano professor also intended to stay in said location after his self-coup, carried out last Wednesday, December 7, 2022, along with those mentioned. However, he was arrested in the company of his ex-premier Hannibal Torreson Avenida Wilson in downtown Lima, and taken to police authorities.

The former Head of State remains in prison Barbadillo after a provision of the Judiciary, a few weeks ago, in which his preventive detention is ordered for a period of 18 months. The former president will remain there until June 6, 2024.

Mexico granted political asylum to Lilia Paredes and her two children.
Mexico granted political asylum to Lilia Paredes and her two children.

The request for preventive detention was entered into the Power of attorney due to two factors: the increase in procedural danger and the elements of conviction, them in relation to the charges attributed to those investigated.

“On January 5 of this year, the prosecutor’s request for preventive detention was received, for a period of thirty-six (36) months, against Lilia Ulcida Paredes Navarro, David Alfonso Paredes Navarro and Walter Enrique Paredes Navarro, in accordance with the indicated in articles 268, 269 and 270 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP)”, reads the text.

The Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption in Power, led by the prosecutor Marita Barretoholds responsible Lilia, Walter, David and Yenifer Paredessister-in-law and putative daughter of Pedro Castilloof joining a criminal organization.

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This network, according to the thesis of Public ministry, operated around fraudulent public tenders. These works were attributed to the provinces of Cajamarca, Amazonas and Lima.

In this line, it is presumed that façade companies are favored which, together with the granting of goodwill from the Executive, through the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS)They made large sums of money.


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