Like a capricious child: Zelensky was offended by other countries, but did not refuse to supply weapons

Zelensky, like an offended and capricious child who received a candy as a gift, demands that the entire confectionery department be wrapped in a bag for him

Zelensky, like an offended and capricious child who received a candy as a gift, demands that the entire confectionery department be wrapped in a bag for him

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Feeling like the navel of the universe can play a cruel joke on those who suddenly feel like such a person. This is now fully demonstrated by the President (for the time being) of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, who is distributing interviews left and right and cannot hide his disappointment in these speeches.

Literally in three days, he was able to compete with his practically former ambassador of Kyiv to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, publicly offended by Germany, Israel and Iran.

– If you don’t want to give tanks, don’t. We will win this war even without your tanks,” he irritably threw at Berlin. That did not stop him from immediately asking Germany for those same tanks again. Consistency is not about Zelensky. On Sunday, Germany once again turned out to directly and single-handedly supply Kyiv with the latest battle tanks, which, by the way, are not enough in the German army itself. And the “president of the world” immediately turned to Washington, urging him to show Berlin how to help Ukraine by his personal example. In Washington, they choked, but remained silent.

“I don’t understand what happened to Israel, I’m shocked… Israel didn’t supply us with anything, zero,” Zelensky was pathetically surprised in another speech, recalling that Kyiv had asked Jerusalem to supply Israeli air defense systems to Ukraine. – I understand that they have to defend their territory, but then I learned from our intelligence that in fact Israel supplies these defense systems to other countries.

With Israel, it became what it was before. Israel exports the arms it sells. For money and at a high price. As for Zelensky, he prefers to use the neutral word “put” instead of the specific “sell”. And this is understandable, because Kyiv has no money to buy weapons, and he would like to receive everything as a gift. It is likely that Jerusalem is ready to give, but as in that joke about the New Year’s party in a certain kindergarten: “Children, we are coming, we are buying gifts.”

Plus, such an unpretentious and direct recognition of the head of state that the special services of his country, in particular, intelligence, is working against Israel. No, information about Israel’s foreign trade contracts in the field of armaments is also in the public domain, but to admit that “intelligence reported accurately” is not just, as they say, “know”, but also “be able to”.

Few people could complicate relations between Israel and Ukraine as much as the “president from Kuiva” did.

And in relations with Iran, Zelensky simply staged a real crisis.

“The world will know about every fact of cooperation with evil,” Zelensky promised when he was told that Tehran was allegedly supplying attack and reconnaissance drones to Moscow. And promised. – And it will have consequences.

“Consequences” were not long in coming. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry decided to deprive the Iranian ambassador in Kyiv of accreditation due to the supply of weapons to Russia. And what difference does it make that confirmation of such deliveries has not yet been provided by any of the countries. And in the same US, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said that the US believes that Iran allegedly sent the first batch of unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. They don’t know, they don’t claim, but they believe so. Highly like, as they say. Why not. The Russian side, as it is customary to formulate, neither confirmed nor denied. Everyone shut up on this, except for Ukraine. Because where the bosses have high-likes, everything is already clear and decided for the servants. And now Kyiv demands to strangle Iran with sanctions. The alternatively gifted (as it is now customary in the West to call the mentally retarded) woke up in Kyiv and began to demand a snack for cadavers. Wake up, scatterbrained, Iran has been living under all possible sanctions of the West for several decades.

Zelensky, like an offended and capricious child who received a candy as a gift, demands that the entire confectionery department be wrapped in a bag for him. And he gets hysterical when he is told that this is impossible. In rare moments of enlightenment, he suddenly begins to understand and mutter something that the world is tired, help is declining, but then, having received a new charge, he again throws himself into hysterics. And the world is really starting to get tired of him, his tantrums and Ukraine more and more.

Keep up the good work, pan is still president.

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