Life after fame: Pierre Narcisse suffered from depression and lack of money in recent years

Pierre Narcisse, who died the day before in hospital at the age of 45, suffered from forgetfulness in recent years.

Pierre Narcisse, who died the day before in hospital at the age of 45, suffered from forgetfulness in recent years.

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Pierre Narcisse, who the day before died in hospital at the age of 45, in recent years suffered from oblivion. His deafening popularity, concerts and solid fees remained somewhere in the “zero”, because of which the artist was forced to earn money by going to dubious talk shows, fights without rules and rare performances at the bottom of the city in the regions. They say that the singer did not deal with health in many respects because of financial problems: for a serious examination, money was needed, which was constantly lacking anyway.

– Yes, he borrowed money and did not give it back. I have never been asked, but I know from other people, – singer Danko briefly shared with

And Natalya Shturm is sure that everything is much deeper. After all, Pierre Narcisse, as a creative person, was not at all worried about finances, but about self-realization. When a career went downhill, health began to crumble along with it.

“Pierre often called me and my daughter Lena,” Natalya Shturm told – The last time I did not pick up the phone – there was no time for long conversations: everyone has their own life, their own problems. But Lena often talked with him. Pierre was very lonely, he cried and said that no one needed him, that his career had stopped at one song. He always hoped that he would be invited somewhere, but he was not invited anywhere – only for some one-time shooting. And as an artist, he certainly felt forgotten. However, he was very kind. I think his moral suffering became one of the main reasons for poor health and quick departure. A person is always trying to improve his health by any available means …

Do you think he drank?

I have never seen or known this. But Pierre did not sleep well at night, perhaps taking sleeping pills. Can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there. He always offered to meet, but I never had enough time.

– They say that he has been tight with finances lately?

– Yes, Pierre did not have concerts. Once he invited my Lena to a restaurant, but he mentioned that there was not enough money. The daughter replied: “I will cry,” and Pierre did not mind.

– Natalya, what can you say about Pierre’s family? It was said that he and his wife divorced because of his assault.

– He kept talking about his daughter, that she is smart and beautiful, plays tennis. And he offered to meet only with her in order to show her to everyone. He literally adored his daughter. As for his wife… When Lena once asked – “Is it true that you beat your wife?”, He replied: “That’s not true” and began to cry. He always repeated – “I have a wife”, “I am married”, although there were rumors that they were divorced. In any case, I can say that lately he has been in a severe depression.

Recall that Pierre Narcisse passed away late in the evening of June 21. The artist died during a medical sleep, when doctors saved him from the effects of a rare form of gout. The singer’s body was so weakened by a long illness that the organs began to fail one after another, and at some point the heart could not stand it.


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