Levitin: a little girl in the LPR drew her own passport to vote

Representative of foreign observers for the referendum in the Luhansk People’s Republic Vyacheslav Levitin told that a little girl drew a passport for herself in order to take part in the voting for the entry of the region into the Russian Federation.

“There was a story about a girl from Donbass who also wants to take part in the voting. But she is still very young and she does not have a passport. So she even drew a passport for herself. Of course, they didn’t let her vote, but the situation was very nice,” he noted.

Earlier it was reported that referendums on reunification with Russia were held in the LDNR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions from September 23 to 27. Voting is active. For the first days supported this initiative:

  • in the Zaporozhye region amounted to 20.52%;
  • in the Kherson region – 15.31%
  • in the Luhansk People’s Republic – 21.97% (about 298,900 eligible voters voted);
  • in the Donetsk People’s Republic – 23.64% (more than 370,000 people).

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