Lera Kudryavtseva made an intimate tattoo to hide traces of plastic

Lera Kudryavtseva.

Lera Kudryavtseva.

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Lera Kudryavtseva is finishing her vacation in Bulgaria. The rest of the TV presenter was overshadowed by a serious illness: barely arriving at the resort, the famous blonde came down with a temperature. The test showed that she had covid. After spending almost two weeks in four walls, Kudryavtseva, however, was able to have a good rest and tan for the remaining days. The TV presenter decided to show off her golden skin color on social networks and shared a picture in which she poses in a bikini.

Lera’s subscribers drew attention to her new tattoo. The TV presenter made a tattoo in an intimate place – under the breast itself. Previously, there was no drawing on her body here. Lera decided to prick a branch with leaves wrapped around her left breast, and a small image of the sun.

Most likely, the TV presenter got a tattoo to hide traces of breast plastic surgery. Two years ago, Lera underwent a very aggressive operation. She had to have her breast implants removed after one of them burst. Silicone began to flow out and, as the TV presenter later shared, the surgeons had to literally scrape it out of the body. Obviously, after such a serious operation, scars remained on the skin. Lera said that the implant burst in her left breast. Just under it, Kudryavtseva got a tattoo.

Lera got a tattoo under her left breast, in which her implant burst two years ago.  Photo: social networks.

Lera got a tattoo under her left breast, in which her implant burst two years ago. Photo: social networks.

In January 2020, the TV presenter reported on social networks that 15 years ago she put implants in St. Petersburg.

– It was written in black and white on the certificate – a lifetime guarantee, and the doctor said – you can crush it with a tank, – the TV presenter wrote. – Then there was no information and we were guinea pigs. I go through a check-up every year. They sent me for an ultrasound, then an MRI with contrast. The verdict is that the left implant is torn, it has been leaking for 5-6 years, wherever it was possible to leak. An urgent operation to remove implants with a capsule and excise silicone from the tissues. A very aggressive operation.

Now Lera is a staunch opponent of implants. She encourages her subscribers to think seriously before deciding on breast plastic surgery.

– I want to repeat once again: there is no lifetime warranty for either new or old implants. You will have to change in any case, Lera warned. – There is a disease of “breast implants”. Nothing hurt me, nothing became inflamed, I didn’t feel anything, except for the “shape” of one breast! Since the implant is not water, but a porridge from the gel, it flowed out for a long time and soaked all the tissues, which I cleaned out for 4 hours. For 15 years my immunity struggled with a foreign body in the body and therefore I constantly felt “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

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