Leontiev told why he left Russia

Singer Valery Leontiev now lives in two houses: in Russia and in the USA. In America he has real estate in Miami. Why the artist decided to leave Russia, he told the Interview. People and Events portal.

According to Leontiev, the reason for his departure from Russia was the fans who simply overcame the star and did not let him pass.

The singer noticed that in Miami, where almost no one knows him, he can safely walk the streets.

“You get out here, and the reaction will not be like an elephant walking. There are enough Russians there, but not as many as here. I can walk the streets, I can sit down in any cafe,” the source of the publication shared.

The artist added that he has a house in the suburbs. He noticed that living in two houses is not easy.

“Sometimes I just get lost, not understanding where I am at home. I feel good here and it’s good there. In the USA I spend about three months a year. And here I practically don’t lie, here I am in endless labors and movements,” said Leontiev.

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