Leontiev published a new rider for the Russians

Pop singer Valery Leontiev and his wife Lyudmila Isakovich have long settled in sunny Miami. However, before his departure, the artist did not forget about working in Russia and put up a decent price tag for his performance at home.

It became known that if the Russian concert organizers want to see Leontiev at their performance, then first of all they will have to pay a 50% prepayment, which is 4.5 million rubles. Then from Miami will come not only “the love of Casanova and the lonely tramp”, but his whole team. Including security guards, dressers, make-up artists and musicians.

Valery’s rider notes that all members of the singer’s team are required to live exclusively in a five-star hotel with elite alcohol, deli meats and a daily allowance of 18,000 rubles.

However, some of the requirements for the organizers seemed strange. For example, tightly sealed windows with black packets in the room where the maestro will live.

Author Anastasia Zotkina

Anastasia Stanislavovna Zotkina – journalist, correspondent for the Pravda.Ru news service

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